Nike’s New Kit Trim Colors Run Deep In Liverpool’s Recent History

As American Scouser’s new fashion correspondent I was excited, like everyone else, for the new kit release today. There are mixed feelings about the trim color and I am in the camp that doesn’t care for it, personally. Many probably know that Liverpool FC’s original kit was blue and was changed to red tops with white stockings in 1896. It wasn’t until 1964 when Bill Shankly changed the kit to all red in an affirm to appear more aggressive that the look we know today became the norm. It makes you wonder where the salmon-colored trim fits into the vision of the club.

It turns out, that after an exclusive interview with Nike’s lead designer near his alma mater The Oregon School for the Blind that I learned that the trim is actually the color of a torn muscle and is meant to represent the many achievements made by Liverpool players throughout the 20-21 season. Naby Keita, who served as a special consultant on the design, said “I’m honored to have been a part of this design process. Since I am rarely fit to play in any Liverpool matches I am pleased to be able to finally contribute something to my team.”

Nike plans for the release of the away kit soon as well. That kit will be a white top with blue and red trim. It will resemble the outfits worn in the 60’s by the nursing staff at St. Helen’s Hospital outside of Liverpool. The thinking is that, with all of the time Liverpool players have spent in the treatment room this season, being surrounded by this kit on away days will make them feel more at home.

Since zebra stripes had already been done by Manchester United there were fewer options to go with than ever before but I think we can all agree that Nike has done a bang up job of honoring our players and giving them a strategic advantage in creating the new kits. Let’s hope the boys can just do it this year on the pitch.

Details about the rest of the range, including jumpers resembling hospital gowns that tie at the back, are set to be announced over the summer. There are currently no plans to make women’s versions available in the vapor line.

Rich Kramer
Chief Fashion Correspondent

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