What to Watch : Matchweek 36

With the Premier League winner and relegated teams already decided, the only thing to watch is the race to the Champions League for next season. Add the fact that most leagues have readjusted their kickoff times to all start at the same time makes it tricky to be able to find and watch the top games of the weekend that actually have a huge significance.

Challenge accepted! Here are my recommendations for this weekend:

Leicester City vs Chelsea –  FA Cup Final Saturday 12:15 EST

As Liverpool fans, we are more concerned with their league matchup rather than this final but will be interesting to see how this game unfolds and more importantly, how it affects their league game coming up days after the final. It is easy to root for Leicester City on this one. One of the big joys would be to have them beat Chelsea back to back and leave them empty-handed and out of the Champions League as we hope to capitalize by winning out rest of the season

If you are not into the FA Cup, a recommendation for a similar kickoff time is the Champions League battle in Italy. Inter, who already claimed the title, will be visiting Juventus who are in real danger of losing out of a Champions League spot.

Ligue 1 – Sunday 3 PM EST

Ligue 1 is one of the leagues that have synched all kickoff times for the final two weeks as we have a tight race on top of the table as well as the relegation battle. I am never too shy to share my hatred for Neymar and Lille taking the title over them would make my day. With a 3 point lead going into the last two games, it is very possible for Lille to claim the title if PSG loses points. Watching three Turkish players carry Lille to a title is especially pleasing for me as we head into the Euros this summer. It is also a nice story where a lot of players who never got their opportunities at teams like PSG are making their mark and taking the title away from them. If you are able to follow either of the games, I am sure regular updates would be available for the other. 

England Championship Playoffs – 5/17

You might consider this cheating by looking ahead all the way to Monday but I consider it taking advantage of a loophole to meet the challenge I accepted above.

Especially Bournemouth vs Brentford should be an excellent game and these are crucial games for these clubs as making the Premier League and having access to the riches of it are essential to the growth of these clubs. This is one of the main reasons I find myself rooting for teams like Brentford and Barnsley in these matchups to have some newcomers to the Premier League as it surely will mean a lot more to them


Whatever you decide to watch, hope you have a great weekend. 

See you guys next week! YNWA!