My Liverpool Story: Scott Fishkin

My mother would often come home from business trips to Europe with jerseys of top-flight English
teams for the kids. The early 2000’s was a turbulent time for Liverpool FC and their jerseys
were often overlooked at Airport shops for the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal. So guess what I
got gifted? That’s right. Embarrassingly enough, I was given a knock-off shirt that said “Man U.” As a
child, I knew then how wrong it was to even have that shirt in my closet. You see, I didn’t know much
about the Premier League at the time. I was obsessed with playing the game, but my parents controlled
the TV. So watching the New York Mets seemed more important to them at the time. But the World Cup
was the exception. And thus the obsession with Liverpool began.

Players at the time like Ronaldinho, Zidane, and Beckham had the spotlight from commentators and fans
alike. But, for me, I was entranced with Jamie Carragher. I was a young center back at the time in the
middle of a back three. There was just something about watching Carragher dry heaving for ninety
minutes while putting in last man tackles and working hard for his teammates. It inspired me throughout
my life on how to play. The sheer determination and desire from Carragher were admirable.

Fast forward to later when Fox Sports owned the rights to the United States broadcast for the Premier
League. Games came thick and fast during Saturdays and Sundays and we watched all we could when
not at our own games. The fantastic spectacle of Carragher could continue throughout the year? Sign
me up! My love for Liverpool grew from there.

A young kid’s fascination with a team not necessarily at the top of their game led to mountains of
abuse from the other kids. Think of what a blood bath middle school was. Liverpool was not a
household name in Red-White-Blue-Ville, USA. The European Champions League was unknown to me at
the time, so I can’t even say I was aware of the Miracle of Istanbul. The majority of avid soccer fans at
the time were United, Arsenal, and Chelsea fans due to the recent successes in the league. But I didn’t
care. Do you know when you see your dog at the adoption center and just know that there’s a lifelong
bond? That was Liverpool for me; a feeling that I am sure every Liverpool fan can attest to. So let the
abuse of those kids reign on. My blood was Liverpool Red.

I watched game after game, read article after article, and immersed myself in the culture of the club I
lived so far from. I mirrored the values of the city, the club, and the legends that wore the colors with
pride. Friends often ask me why Liverpool. I can’t answer that with a simple answer, however. I know
that the dream of eleven Carraghers was what made me start watching Liverpool religiously. But this
team is so much more than the elite players that have graced Anfield’s pitch. It is the very structure of
the city and the people that live for the team. It is encapsulated inside the walls of that famed stadium. The
famed slogan, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ seems so simple at face value. For Liverpool followers, the
complexity of this saying runs deep in our veins. It is the responsibility of upholding the traditions from
fans past for the future generations ahead. It is singing shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers
just knowing you belong with those around you.

And that’s why I’m a Liverpool fan. To be part of something truly greater than just myself. To be part of
a network of passionate and intellectual fans that feel the same way I do. That is why I’m excited to be
part of American Scouser. Through American Scouser, I hope to share and engage further with those
dedicated fans both stateside and on this side of the water! You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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