Matchweek 32: Leeds 1 – 1 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Who needs Top 4 when you’ve got assurances…


Alisson– 8
One of his better games of late. A bit to clean shaven for my taste, but I’ll take some more of those big time stops.

TAA – 6
Kept his head nicely for the assist. Thought he was defensively porous, especially second half. 

Na… I mean Fab – 7
I mean. Did ok. But… like.. Is a proper world class midfielder. When he’s in the midfield. 

Kabak – 7
Probably needs to do better against Llorente. Thought he was ace, distributing out of the back and growing into the side. 

Robbo – 7
Did the Lord’s work bailing out incoming water, second half. Looked good going forward. Finishing needs work. Who’s doesn’t though?

Gini – 6
Barely sniffed it all game. Putting him in the anchor is a sure fire way to get him on his way to Barca. 

Thiago – 7
No yellow? Is he even trying? JK. Some ace balls into the front three. Pity no one was in the mood.

Milner – 8
The only one creating urgency, second half. By then his legs were starting to go. Hell of a shift though.

Jota – 7
Uncharacteristically wasteful in front of goal but showed tremendous range and vision in hitting Trent in the buildup to the first. Direct and dangerous. Like a Super League takeover. What? Too soon?

Bobby – 6
On the periphery but still manages to put Ox in for the game winner. But…

Sadio – 6
Broke the duck! Now if he’d only change out his studs. 


Salah – 6 (‘71)
Should definitely score there.

Ox- 5 (‘81)
Should definitely score there.

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