What to Watch : Matchday 32

With the hopes of getting #7 put on hold this year, it is time to make sure we can go for it next year by reaching the top 4. While the schedule seems to favor the Reds, no points are guaranteed in this league especially with our record against weaker opposition. While the West Ham’s away game against Newcastle will be a tough one for them  and one that will be intriguing to watch, I am a realist and do not expect people on the West Coast to get up at 4:30 in the morning to soak that one in. 

Let’s take a look at your weekend ahead and to be honest, it is not a weekend filled with good matchups even across other leagues in Europe- trust me, I looked at almost every single one.

Chelsea vs Manchester City – FA CUP 12:30 EST

I know this is not the league and not even a final but should be an interesting matchup to watch. I expect both teams to play a more open game that should be entertaining for the casual fan. Hard to pick a side but listening to City fans gloat over winning all the trophies could be more annoying than Chelsea winning… I think! Plus Lampard is gone and I do not despise Tuchel as much, at least not yet.  Another matchup where death is not an option so hope to at least watch an enjoyable game that drains the energy out of a Chelsea side we need to catch to get to the top 4. The more they exhaust themselves, the better.

Leicester City vs  Southampton – FA CUP 13:30 EST

Possibility of a Taki sighting along with the chance to root for Ings as they take on another one of our opponents in the Champions League race. Having both Chelsea and Leicester compete in the FA Cup can be a blessing if Liverpool can take advantage by winning on Monday night and putting these teams under pressure. A more congested schedule for these teams also helps our cause and while adding another game to Leicester’s schedule would be nice, I find it hard to root against the afore mentioned two players. I enjoy the styles of both these teams so expect a high scoring game with a lot of action.


If you really must watch a premier league game this weekend

Manchester United vs Burnley 11:00 EST

I have to admit that I personally will not be watching this one as it combines the sight of Manchester United with the sight of Sean Dyche and Burnley’s unwatchable brand of football. I know some might be fans of it and consider it old school, but to me it is nothing but anti-football. While it might be slightly entertaining to watch Burnley players try to bully United attackers, the game does not affect Liverpool at all and would purely be on as background noise if at all. 


Have a great weekend regardless of what is on your TV. If you are lucky with the weather, get out there and enjoy it while we wait for our matchup against Leeds on Monday. 


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