Champions League Quarterfinals (Leg 1): Real Madrid 3 – 1 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Had to leave and get a drink and come back to this. Then decided it was best I leave and get another drink and come back to this. Then remembered there was still whiskey stowed away behind the chip cabinet. Then swore some. Then asked if someone would write this for me. Got radio silence. Here we are.


Alisson– 5
90 mins of looking like someone walked in on him in the rest room. Thought the mustache was really let down by Alisson’s performance.

TAA – 4
Follows up a monster performance on the weekend with one his worst. It’s one thing to be exposed by a superior opponent. It’s another entirely to implode by individual error. He got done by both. Had a better second half. But that’s not saying much. 

Nat Phillips – 4
A wake up call for the Nat Fan Club. He has limitations. Recovery speed being a major one. 

Kabak – 6
One of the better performances in a red shirt. At times looked like a distressed sailor at sea, using a spoon to try to bail water out of a sinking ship. 

Robbo – 5
Fairly solid defensively but just nothing happening between him and Mane at the moment. Delivery on the final ball is lacking sharpness and accuracy and the creativity has been gone for months now.

Fab – 4
A huge whiff for Fab on the night. Absolute turnover machine from the first whistle. Really disappointing performance in a big spot.

Gini – 4
I don’t know if he looked lost because he didn’t know how to play with Nabs or he was up against a world class midfield. Either way I expected more urgency and more leadership from him with the armband on. Slightly improved next to Thiago.

Keita – 3
Looked continually lost in and out of possession. Repeatedly turned it over in dangerous spots. Had no business starting against this midfield given the amount of time he’s been out of the side. If this is the end for him, it’s a sad one.

Mo – 6
Handcuffed by a lack of service. Probably hurt the most by Firmino’s absence. Continues to bang them ‘em, luck or no luck. 

Jota – 5
Offers a direct threat. Had moments of promise but offered little press to unsettle the back line and little to no linkup play with the midfield.

Mane – 4
Looks absolutely dogged. Playing into contact for calls he’s never going to get. He needs a rest. Badly. 


Thiago – 5 (‘61)
A bit like being dropped into a burned down building and asking him to put out a fire. The damage had already been done although it did feel like we had 11 players on the field again. Which was nice.

Shaq – NA (‘81)

Bobby – NA (‘81)