FA Cup Round 4: Manchester United 3 – 2 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Losing shouldn’t feel like progress. But it does. Goals again, pressing again, forcing turnovers, flying down the wings while in possession. I think we can agree that we feel better losing 3-2 than 1-0? Can probably also agree the CB issues should have been addressed by now.



Becker – 6
Not sure there’s a whole lot he could have done differently. Maybe feels like he should have gotten to the far post on the third. But it was a quality strike. 

TAA – 5
Created some stuff up the pitch by joining the high press. The quality on the delivery is still missing and he didn’t do Rhys any favors having a chat with Salah most of the match. But that might be Klopp’s point.

Rhys – 5
Honestly didn’t think he did too poorly. Sure, everyone will bang on about he mistake for the second goal conceded but was left alone on an island most of the match with Rashford and did alright. Over promoted. It is what it is.

Fabinho – 6
Man. That’s a really poor decision to try to play through Cavani at the top of the box. That’s a center mid playing center back. Game killer. Lost all but one of his defensive duals. Did come up with some key recoveries.

Robertson – 6
Another tireless performance. Just keeps on grinding. Don’t know what he shouted in Greenwood’s ear during the first goal, but applaud the effort. 

Milner – 7
If you ask him, he’d probably tell you he should have done better, clearing Rashford’s cross that led to the first. Thought he looked the best he’s looked in some time going forward.

Thiago – 6
Everyone waxes about his on the ball ability and vision. Did some really important work defensively today. Disappointing going forward. Would have maybe been OK with a bit of a jump during the free kick. Something. Anything.

Gini – 6
Did some blue collar stuff but was largely invisible.

Salah – 8 (MOTM)
Vintage Mo, finding the half space and in on goal. Found the goal and his right foot again. You forgive the turnovers when he’s back to burying chances.

Firmino – 8
Showed why he such an important piece. Tracked back defensively, provided key linkup play. Led all players in chances created and threaded two beautiful balls into Mo for both goals.

Jones – 7

Failed to provide significant spark. But put in the work, tracking back defensively with good movement and distribution. Especially tidy first half.



Mane – 6 (‘62)
Did some bits. Fouled loads. Got a yellow.

Shaq & Origi – NA (‘81)