Matchweek 15: Liverpool 1 – 1 West Brom – Player Ratings

We can sit all day and point fingers at individual performances. Fact is, we lost our collective heads. We lost our patience when the system required it. Now, some finger pointing at individual performances…


Allison – 7
Probably disappointed he had to ditch the beach chair and the Capri Sun 2nd half. Makes a bit stop on Grant on the breakaway. 

TAA – 6
Went down the tubes 2nd half, needlessly pumping balls into a crowded box. Nearly threw the TV out onto the porch when he takes a short corner with the game wheezing to an end. 

Matip– 8
2nd game running with a beautiful assist. Probably our MOTM until he goes full “no context” Joel and starts holding the goods and flailing around. Surely out again, injured. Balls.

Fabinho – 7
Mixed bag. Had some bright moments with good clearances and positioning, and some not so great ones. Beaten for the equalizer off the corner. 

Robertson – 7
Probably our most dangerous wide player on the day. Worked tirelessly throughout. 

Gini – 6
A ghost for much of the first half. Oddly enough, better in the second when we started to fall apart and the game opened up.

Jordan Brian Henderson – 7
Think the best parts of his game were neutralized by how the game set up. Still instrumental in the ebb and flow of our attack especially during periods of sustained possession.

Jones – 7
Aside from a couple poor turnovers, thought he was incredibly bright. Culpable in putting West Brom in positions of danger. Hopefully lesson learned.

Mane – 7
Incredible chest control to open the scoring. Had to come back deep often and found it difficult on the day finding space in that packed low block.

Firmino – 8
Probably the last player on the pitch I would have substituted. Brilliant defensively, creative going forward. Incredibly unlucky, Sam Johnstone briefly morphed into a young Buffon to keep it level. So nearly had another game winner. 

Salah – 6
Probably needs to do better with that header 2nd half. Felt like he was on an island between an erratic Trent and a 24 man low block most of the game. Just wasn’t happening for him.


Rhys Williams – 5 (‘60)
First time, I’ve seen him look his age. A bit unsettled and beaten over the top for pace. 

Ox – 6 (‘81)
Did some things. None of them great, none of them awful.

Origi – NA (‘89)
Give up the ghost.