Champions League GPR1: Atalanta 0 – 5 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Well, considering Italy is our bogey country. Not bad. Not bad at all.


Becks – 8
Did well, especially second half, to maintain the clean sheet. Got a big boy haircut which obviously made the Colombians on the other side a bit nervy. 

TAA – 9
Yep. Back to his best. Peach of a ball in for Jota’s first. Had room to put in dangerous balls all evening. And that he did.   

Rhys – 8
Steps in against one of the better attacking sides in world football and just casually shuts it down. Reckon Milner tucks him in at night and tells him how proud he is.

Gomez – 8
Defended soundly, but better yet, played it out of the back really well. Ace ball over the top for Jota’s second.

Robertson – 8
Best left back in the world. Change my mind. 

Gini – 7
Clever on the ball and in possession. Grafted all game.

Henderson – 8
Got to enjoy the scenery a bit today. Going to miss the soothing sounds of him barking at everyone once the crowds return. Calls the Mane assist before Mane has the ball off his foot.

Jones – 9
His best game this year by some distance. Quick in possession. Lovely combination play down the right. Jump started counters all night.

Mane – 9
Explosive, especially second half with a tidy finish and a sublime ball in for Jota’s third.

Jota – 10
On another level right now. Pace, Power, Touch & quite possibly the most Scouse looking Portuguese person ever. Made up. 

Salah – 9
Could have sworn I heard that ref telling the Atalanta defender not to let him turn goal-side. Didn’t matter. Everyone knew it was coming. He’s that good. 


Milner – 6 (‘65)
Ah, James. Such a good sport. Looked like a kid on Christmas when Tsimikas came on. 

Keita – 6 (‘65)
(fingers crossed)* 

Firmino – 6 (‘65)
“Just wait. After the election, this will all go away (and Bobby will start scoring again).”

Tsimikas – N/A (‘80)
Hiya, mate. 

Neco Williams – N/A (‘80)
Champions League debut.