Matchweek 7: Liverpool 2 – 1 West Ham – Player Ratings

Enter Jota & Shaq attack with two fingers up. DO ONE! Alone at the top. On our rightful fecking perch.


Becks – 7
Did well with what he had to handle. Sterling positioning. Strong in the air. Hung out to dry on the goal.

TAA – 6

Did well enough going forward, getting in dangerous positions, fizzing in crosses, especially in the 2nd half. Stands off and allows the cross in on the West Ham goal. Touch looks off still. Same on free kicks.

Phillips – 8
Looks like he couldn’t outrun an egg. Doesn’t matter. Banged with the big boys (Haller, Soucek & Co.) and won everything. A bearded fortress.

Gomez – 6
Did that thing where he looks the part and then takes an F on defending 101 (on West Ham’s first). Probably outruns the egg though…

Robertson – 7
For a minute I thought he was going to take that Henderson cross off his chest and walk it in. A Robbo goal is that feeling right before you sneeze. 

Gini – 8
Best match this year. Showed real intent on the ball. Rarely put a foot wrong and was consistently getting the ball in dangerous areas when we were struggling to break down west ham’s low block defending.

Henderson – 6
Better in the 2nd half but wasn’t his influential self. In a bit of a more central recessed role to begin with. Did well to break up play and put in some long diagonals down the left channels.

Jones – 6
Essentially just the guy giving it to the guy. Not inventive enough going forward in a game where that was sorely needed.

Mane – 6
Not the first game where his touch was off. But worked his socks off. Smart enough to leave that through-ball for Jota, on the game winner.

Firmino – 5
So deep, at times, he was a 4th midfielder. Felt like he was playing himself out of the attack.

Salah – 7
Just never stops pressing. Even when he’s not at his best, his positioning and work rate mean there’s always a chance something can be made from nothing. Pen or no pen.


Shaqiri – 7 (‘70)
Waddles on and just starts slinging through balls like “mates move over, you’ve never broken down nine in the box before?” Ace assist.

Jota – 9 (‘70)
Looks like he’s played in this team for ages. Scores twice (one disallowed) and then probably should score a third when he strips the ball defending, legs it 60 yards and lays it for Mo. Likely walks it in if Mo doesn’t turn and try to thread the needle to Mane.

Milner– NA (‘89)