Matchweek 6: Sheffield United 1 – 2 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Gonna be boss when we go through, win the league, beat everyone AND VAR without big Virg…


Alisson – 7
Like a captain returning to the wheel, stands tall, instills confidence, and… I actually don’t really know about all that. Do know he had some big stops and came out strong for everything. That will do for me.

TAA – 7
Decent enough defensively. Better than decent enough going forward. Whipped some Trent-2019-like balls in from the wing. I was down with that.

Fabs – 7
Everything was a little too last-ditch for my liking in the first half. Unlucky on the pen conceded considering he got the ball, didn’t go through the man and… you know… like… it wasn’t in the box?

Gomez – 8
Quick to everything. Made up when he keeps it simple and just boots it out of play. Had loads to do today and did it all well.

Robertson – 8
Just another high energy, defensively sound, offensively outstanding performance.

Gini – 7
Nobody keeps the ball in tight spaces better. Recycles possession with the best of them and takes up smart positions. Shame he fancies himself a striker. KIDDING. Kind of.

Henderson – 9
Quietly running the entire show. Literally. Changed fields well, whipped in some sterling balls in, including the one for the first goal. Omnipresent. Reckon he looked at the gaffer after the match while the rest of the team’s getting on the coach and says” G’head, I’ll meet you back in a bit.” And just majestically jogs over the horizon.

Mane – 7
Always frothing at the bit. Consistently causes problems. Well up for the header that led to the first.

Firmino – 7
Absolutely made up for him. Looked more irritated after he scored than before. I like angry Roberto.

Salah – 8
On another night he probably has two of the better goals you’ll see all season. Instead, he had to settle for hitting the post, getting VAR’d, and having Gini send him screenshots from across the coach of himself wide open in front of an empty net.

Jota – 8
Like him miles better when he’s going up for headers in their box vs ours.


Milner – N/A (‘83)

Minamino – N/A (‘83)