Champions League GPGW1: Ajax 0 – 1 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Looked set up for a draw, given that midfield.
Took 3 points.
Made up.


Adrian – 7
He was fine once he got the jitters out. But ffs, when he’s nervy, he’s nervy. Credit where due, made some big-time stops.

TAA – 6
Didn’t offer as much going forward. Probably by design though.

Fabs – 9
Does what Fab does. Skinned people all day. Helped Joe settle early. Goal-line clearance. Helped Milner safely cross the street. Saved babies from a burning building etc.

Gomez – 8
Kept it simple. Probably his best match this year. Which means he’ll be shit on Saturday. Fingers crossed. A thousand ‘hail Mary’s.’

Robertson – 8
Ran his legs off. A constant threat down the left and relentlessly tracked back. They’re going to need to replace the turf down that side of the Cruyff Arena.

Gini – 7
Blue-collar Gini. We love it. Even if he hates it.

Jones – 6
Didn’t do much wrong in his European debut. Just didn’t do much at all as the majority of the attacking action went down the left channel.

Milner – 7
Disrupted play, worked his socks off. Lacked the creativity and touch but you sacrifice that for industry with James.

Mane – 7
Everything off by just a bit. Lovely turn and assist for the goal. Probably owes the groundskeeper a solid after that crater he left behind.

Firmino – 5
Still creating. Had a couple of dangerous through balls from deep positions. Performances are continuing to fade though.

Salah – 6
Struggled to link up with the midfield. Was on an island for much of the match with Firmino deep in the mids and Trent not overlapping.


Henderson – 7 (‘46)
The ball moves quicker when he’s on. Did the thing where he yells at everyone and suddenly there seems to be more urgency.

Shaqiri – 6 (‘59)
Has good vision and a decent cross for a guy that seems morally offended by the concept of “leg day.”

Jota – 8 (‘59)
So… Jota is good. Like. Really good. Takes up dangerous positions, has a sublime first touch and good vision. Served Gini up on a plate on what should have killed the game. Giving Klopp a lot to think about.

Minamino – 7 (‘59)
Another great cameo. Took up good positions, and asked questions. Gotta be looking at Bobby’s form and wondering what he’s got to do to get into the side.

Rhys Williams – N/A (‘89)
Kicked it. Won a header. Got a Klopp hug. Back before curfew.