Matchweek 5: Everton 2 – 2 Liverpool – Player Ratings

I didn’t know we were going to have to beat 12 today. Stared at that stupid VAR line for ages. Felt like I was 12 again, in the mall, staring at one of those stupid Magic Eye pictures waiting to see something. Still can’t figure it out.


Adrian – 6
He was fine. Doesn’t exactly instill confidence though, does he? Neither coming out or on the ball. Still think he’s a decent no. 2.

TAA – 6
There’s going to need to be a tactical change. Teams have figured out how to park an attacker on his side at the high line. The result is TAA continually getting torched down the right (see 2nd goal). That being said, he can/should do better.

Matip – 7
Looked good in the air and on the ball. Was a hell of a return in all honesty.

Van Dijk – N/A
NO! Fuckin’ el.

Robertson – 8
Been regularly the best of the backline. Bright going forward, pumped loads of goodies into the box. Great linkup work with Mane throughout. Tirelessly tracked back.

Fabinho – 7

Broke up play all day. Would have like to see him start pinging some of those balls over the top, especially with Big Virg out.

Henderson – 9
Majestic in his return. He’s the heartbeat of this team. I don’t care what anyone says; Game. Winner.

Thiago – 9
Knew he could put a ball on a string. Didn’t know he could scrap like that. Fecking Richarlison… I swear to god…

Mane – 9

Firmino – 7
Subbed off to save his legs. Didn’t look happy about it though. Could have brought some of those goals back with him from international break…

Salah – 9
Creates something from nothing. World fecking class. 


Gomez – 6  (‘11)
Did ok. Those are impossible shoes to fill. 

Jota – 7 (‘78)
Struggles with spacing as continues to gel. But you can tell, he’s going to be a handful. He’s going to push that front 3 for minutes. 

Gini – N/A (‘90)
I guess if you’re going to ask a teenager to come put some steel, going to the opposite end of the bench for the ageless wonder makes sense too…