Weekly Predictor – Round 1

Here at American Scouser, our focus will undoubtedly always be Liverpool. However, we do have quite a few contributors and fans with a competitive streak, so it is important for us to flex those muscles as well. Along with the FIFA tournament we hosted, and our Fantasy Premier League (a moment of silence for those that did not select Mo as captain), seven brave souls have decided to take part in a weekly predictions league. It is as simple as it sounds:  look at each match up and predict what the score will be. You receive either 3, 1.5, 1, or 0 points with an opportunity to receive 1-3 extra “SLAM” points every week (see scoring breakdown below).

For the sake of continuity and confusion, I will refer to everyone by their usernames on the app.

After Round 1, we have Sir Round5ound leading the pack with 10.5 points, aided largely in part to his two perfect predictions, Arsenal 3-0 to Fulham and Chelsea 3-1 to Brighton. The player with the best round each week receives a yellow cap for their efforts so congratulations to Sir Round5ound on your yellow cap. Wear it proudly because you will have to give it up next week!

On the other end of the table, we have a wooden spoon to give out and this week’s recipient is The Wind with 4.5, who still managed to correctly predict the result of half of the matches played. It looks like there will be tough competition this year among us.

Points This Round
Current Standings

Taking a look at specific matches, there were three that every member in the group had predicted the result correctly: Arsenal-Fulham, Liverpool-Leeds, and Chelsea-Brighton & Hove Albion. On the other hand, nobody predicted the Bitters would topple Tottenham nor that Crystal Palace would eke out a win over Southampton.

We shall see how the upcoming weeks unfold. Who are you rooting for and why is it TeuszyW (that’s me)? Does The Wind make a comeback? Does Sir Round5ound fall from grace and lose his yellow cap? Stay tuned!


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