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Two of our contributors see City pipping Liverpool to the title, a few see big things from Timo Werner, and someone believes Adama Traore will be the Liverpool POTY???

Who will win the league?  Bonus points if you pretend it isn’t Liverpool.

AS Contributors (we refuse to call them “Experts”)
Jamie Mulholland
: Back-to-back titles
Mateusz Wielomek: Liverpool!
Vijay Rajaji: Honestly, I want the bonus points so I’m gonna say City. I think it’ll be Liverpool but I’m too competitive – want bonus points baby!
Jack Ball: The Reds
Jordan Gerrard: Liverpool
Chris Strain: Liverpool
Tim “Hooch” Hotovchin: ‘Pool
Timucin Urias: Liverpool
Dan Skinner aka “Soccerhaus”: Manchester City, who will also crash out of the Champions League short of the semifinals once again
Paul Bickler: Liverpool

AS Fans & Followers
Brando Ibarra: Liverpool
Michael Martin: Liverpool
J.L. Robert: Liverpool
Jeff Cutler: Liverpool

What about the rest of the top four, in order…

Jamie: City, Chelsea, and (so far behind it may as well be fifth) United
Mateusz: Citeh, Chelsea, ManU
Vijay: Liverpool, Chelsea, United
Jack: A tight race with City, Chelsea a close third, and the Manchester United diving team coming in fourth.
Jordan: Chelsea, City, United
Chris: City, Chelsea, Everton (I know right!?!)
Hooch: City, Chelsea, Wolves
Timucin: City, Chelsea, United
Soccerhaus: Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal
Paul: City, United, Chelsea

Brando: Man City, Chelsea, United
Michael: Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal
J.L.: Man City, Chelsea, United
Jeff: Chelsea, Man City, Leeds

By the numbers… how we predicted the top four to finish this season

What are your three picks for relegation this year?

Jamie: The obvious choices for me West Brom, Fulham and Villa.
Mateusz: West Brom, Aston Villa, Fulham
Vijay: I’m gonna do a shocker: Crystal Palace, West Ham, West Brom
Jack: Villa should have been last year, but since they barely escaped they’ll probably do it again.. so we’ll go with Fulham, West Ham, West Brom
Jordan: West Brom, Villa, Fulham
Chris: WBA, Fulham, West Ham
Hooch: Villa, Fulham, WHU
Timucin: Brighton, Fulham, Villa
Soccerhaus: Fullham, West Brom, West Ham
Paul: Fulham, Villa, West Brom

Brando: West Brom, Fulham, Brighton
Michael: West Brom, Brighton, Fulham
J.L.: Aston Villa, Fulham, West Brom
Jeff: Villa, Palace, Fulham

By the numbers… who we picked for relegation

Who will win the Premier League Golden Boot?

Jamie: I’m backing Salah to increase his tally of 19 from last to the mid-twenties.
Mateusz: This one is tough. Let’s go Aubameyang.
Jack: I think another three-way tie will happen – Werner ends up level with Aubameyang and Mane (I am totally cheating by saying three names)
Jordan: Aguero
Chris: Mane
Hooch: Mo
Timucin: Mane
Soccerhaus: Aubameyang
Paul: Aubameyang

Brando: Timo
Michael: Aubameyang
J.L.: Aubameyang
Jeff: Abraham

What about the Golden Gloves?

Jamie: Smart money on AB1 to stay fit and walk away with this one.
Mateusz: Alisson!
Vijay: Alisson – best goalie in the world and would have won it last year if he wasn’t injured. Slam dunk.
Jack: Alisson Becker – he has the best defense in front of him (though I am concerned about the CB situation if there is an injury)
Jordan: Alisson
Chris: Alisson
Hooch: Alisson
Timucin: Alisson
Soccerhaus: Alisson Becker
Paul: Alisson

Brando: Allison
Michael: Alisson
J.L.: Alisson
Jeff: Pope

Which new Premier League signing/arrival will be the biggest bargain/have the greatest impact for their team?

Jamie: Doherty form Wolves to Spurs maybe not as much value as Wolves got from Irish Bohemians but a great player for Wolves’ last time out.
Mateusz: Adam Lallana (Fingers crossed)
Vijay: Thiago?? Maybe too soon – I think Kai Havertz – I think he is the absolute real deal.
Jack: As much as I hate to say it, I think Timo Werner is going to be on fire this year.
Jordan: It kills me to praise anyone from Everton, but I have always been a fan of their new signing Allan, the Brazilian from Napoli. I think he has gone under the radar so far, but he could turn out to be a difference maker for Everton. I am really hoping Lallana does well for Brighton. I also like this defender Leeds signed Robin Koch – he has a funny name which is 50% of the attraction, but he also just made his debut for Germany recently, and might be one to watch.
Chris: Gabriel at Arsenal
Hooch: I think the biggest impact will be Werner. Pulisic’s playmaking and his finishing will be a deadly combo…
Timucin: I hate to say it, but I think Werner will have the biggest impact this year.
Soccerhaus: Bargain: Ferran Torres; Impact: Timo Werner.
Paul: Willian to Arsenal. Old-ass Willian on a free immediately improves the front three and gives them another set piece threat.

Brando: Leeds

Who will be the biggest Premier League flop?

Jamie: Take your pick of any of the Chelsea lads. All great players, but doubt they’ll be starting 7 attackers.
Mateusz: Thiago Silva (at least it’s on a free)
Vijay: Hakim Ziyech – he won’t get much playing time and will suck when he does.
Jack: Van de Beek is good, but I don’t see how he fits in that midfield alongside both Bruno Fernandes and Pogba, especially in front of that defense. At least one of them will struggle for minutes, and for me Donny’s the first to go (or at least lose minutes).
Jordan: While I am hoping it is Timo Werner, realistically I have a few theories: I think Donny Van de Beek for United was a dumb signing, and I am not sure how he fits in a side with Pogba and Penandez. I think Willian to Arsenal is dumb since they already had a lot of talented young wingers. The biggest flop of all will probably be James Rodriguez – he just looks washed up since he signed for Madrid.
Chris: James Rodriguez. He’ll watch it from the bench for the most part. I reckon he’ll struggle with the physicality of the league
Hooch: James [Rodriguez] from Everton – he will be frustrated pretty early on playing for a small club
Timucin: Rodrigo with Leeds
Soccerhaus: Returning: Christian Pulisic; New Arrival: James Rodriguez
Paul: For the money spent, I dont think Chillwell offers a significant upgrade on Alonso or Azpilicueta.

Brando: James Rodriguez

Who will be the Player of the Year for LFC?

Jamie: I’m hoping for Virg
Mateusz: Trent Alexander-Arnold
Vijay: Salah – he’s gonna be closer to his first year again this year in terms of goals/assists, just watch.
Jack: Mane – it’s his year to outshine everyone else.
Jordan: TAA
Chris: Keita
Hooch: Trent
Timucin: Mane
Soccerhaus: TAA
Paul: Mane

Brando: Mane
Michael: Mane
J.L.: Mane
Jeff: Adama Traore (Ed: Uhh… do you know something we don’t know?)

And the PFA Player of the Year for the Premier League?

Jamie: Would be nice for AB1 to win the Golden Glove and back-to-back leagues for us! Failing that, Salah for Golden Boot achievements should do the trick!
Mateusz: Kevin de Bruyne
Vijay: Kevin De Bruyne because the national media gets turned on by him. Salah will have a better season but it’ll be KDB because of stupidity.
Jack: Mane – dare I say he makes a push for the Ballon D’Or?
Jordan: TAA
Chris: Keita
Hooch: Trent
Timucin: Mane
Soccerhaus: Aubameyang
Paul: Bruno Fernandes

Brando: Bruno
Michael: KDB
J.L.: de Bruyne
Jeff: Son (Tottenham)

Who will be the first manager sacked?

Jamie: I believe I choose Ole last year… so I’ll stick it out another year.
Mateusz: David Moyes
Vijay: Everton legend David Moyes
Jack: Moyes by Christmas (though Dean Smith also deserves a shout if Villa’s performances do not improve immediately)
Jordan: Chris Wilder. I think without Henderson in goal, the team might start to unravel. They were not doing great during the restart. He had a few public meltdowns talking shit on his own players.
Chris: Steve Bruce
Hooch: Mourinho
Timucin: Dean Smith – Villa
Soccerhaus: Brendan Rodgers
Paul: Head says Steve Bruce, heart says Roy Hodgson

Brando: David Moyes
Michael: Jose
J.L.: Smith (AVL)
Jeff: The guy at Fulham [Scott Parker]

Give me your Champions League winner.

Jamie: #7th heaven!!!
Mateusz: Liverpool.
Vijay: I’ll give you a hint: they’ve conquered all of Europe. And they said they’d never stop.
Jack: I think Inter will surprise people this year, and win over Bayern… ok I really mean Liverpool over Chelsea for an all-England final (with City again dropping out in the quarterfinals).
Jordan: Liverpool v Bayern. Of course Liverpool win.
Chris: Liverpool
Hooch: LFC v Juve. LFC Win
Timucin: Liverpool
Soccerhaus: Bayern Munich goes back-to-back
Paul: Bayern

Brando: Bayern
Michael: Juve
J.L.: Liverpool
Jeff: Liverpool

How about one outlandish prediction for the year?

Jamie: That the league will continue uninterrupted from beginning to end.
Mateusz: Leeds United finishes top 10 in the league. Key victories: Home vs ManU, Away at Tottenham.
Vijay: I have two. One, Jose Mourinho will get in a slapping contest with either another manager or an opposing assistant coach. Two, Pep will continue to try to talk about how Liverpool gets all the calls because we live rent free.
Jack: Everton will finish above at least two of Tottenham, Wolves, Leicester.
Jordan: Leeds do the double over United and LFC win one of the Mickey Mouse cups.
Chris: I will get slaughtered for this, but the bitters to battle for champions league slot this season.
Hooch: We make United sack another manager..Oles at the unemployment line
Timucin: Everton will be the most improved team in the league grabbing a spot for Europe with some key additions they made, players Ancelotti knows and has coached before. Sheffield shows a big drop from last year and will battle to stay in Premier League.
Soccerhaus: With Premier League stands still empty and home support muted, every team in the league loses at least three home games.
Paul: Tottenham miss out on a European spot. Jose loses another dressing room, blames the owner for a lack of financial backing, and leaves to wake for his chance to ruin Chelsea (again).

Brando: Leeds finishes mid table
Michael: After some big transfer market activity, Everton finish 12th
J.L.: United sell de Gea to Real Madrid
Jeff: Leeds into the Champions League!

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