2nd Annual American Scouser Cup 2020

“Once more into the fray, into the last good fight I’ll ever know… “

Now that the drama and dust is finally settling from our groundbreaking season, we can draw our attention to the upcoming, action-packed, blockbuster campaign. Think Liam Neeson with wolves, a la the quote above… think Nigel Pearson versus a pack of hungry wolves 😂 – it’s a true story if you have heard it (well maybe not wolves but at least wild dogs).

The fixtures have been released, and again the season promises to be a long and busy schedule. As Liverpool mount their first title defense in decades, a place secured back on our perch, everyone will be striving to take us down a peg.

Likewise, with our Fantasy league competition here at American Scouser, there will be much at stake. Many have already confirmed their place in the AS League, and many will be vying to take our reigning champ Ola *6times *19times * “asterisk” Sapoloso down a place (or two… or more…).

With a season total tally of 2350 fantasy points, Ola finished a full 100(!) points ahead of second place Dr. Saikat Chakraborty, followed closely by Patrick Dernulc, a mere 4 points behind Saikat.

AS Fantasy League 19/20: The Top 5

This year’s AS Fantasy League is now open for business! Get your funny, punny or Liverpool-inspired team name at the ready. Spend your $100 million wisely, and do not forget to keep up with your squad every week. Have fun and as always respect each other like true Liverpool fans and at the end of the season we can all once again look down from our perch at those clambering for position beneath us.

Join the league today by clicking this link:


…or use the code 1r9fzp to sign up!

The fun does not stop here. We at American Scouser have several tricks up our sleeves to unleash upon our fantasy league entrants throughout the season. Pit your wits against the AS Crew – who may or may not have done so well last time out – as well as the reigning champs, and test your mettle in the AS fantasy arena.

The American Scouser Cup for 2020 is about to begin. Sign up now to guarantee those first week points!