Liverpool Transfers and Rumors: Time for Timo? By Jordan Gerrard

As the summer approaches during these troubled times, many Liverpool fans will have their
eyes glued to their phones waiting for the newest update on the Restart and potential transfers. We are
still not quite sure when the summer transfer window will rip open or how much cash will truly be
available to teams in this time of financial uncertainty. Personally I’m convinced Covid 19 won’t
prevent FSG from spending some cash this offseason. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the
one transfer rumor that’s unfolded all season. I’m speaking of course about Timo Werner.

Who is Timo Werner? Well for anyone who has been living under a rock the last 6 months or so,
Timo Werner is an exciting attacking player Liverpool have been linked on and off with all season. He
is 24 and already being linked with teams like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Werner currently plays
in Germany for one of the Bundesliga’s rising up and comers R.B. Leipzig who currently sit in 3rd
place. As of writing this article, Timo has accumulated 30 goals in all competitions, including an
impressive 24 league goals. Naturally, he plays as a Center Forward but he has the pace and talent to
often play a bit deeper role on the left or right-wing. Did I mention he’s German and has openly
admitted admiration for his compatriot, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp?

What’s happened so far? Are we going to sign him? Well, the story really starts off last season.
We spent the summer linked with signing an attacking talent good enough to compete with our
fabulous front three. But despite Anfield evolving to one of the most attractive destinations for world-class players Jurgen Klopp insisted he was satisfied with the current crop. Werner had been nearing the
end of his current contract and it seemed as if Leipzig were prepared to cash in if the right deal was
offered. Unfortunately, no transfer came and Timo Werner signed a new contract with his club. Rumors
have circulated that within this new contract was a special clause allowing teams like Real Madrid,
Barcelona or current European champions Liverpool, to sign the forward for a cheaper price. But there
was nothing concrete. Leading up to the winter transfer window, the Timo Werner to Liverpool rumors
resurfaced. Some fans were convinced we were signing him in the winter transfer window as an extra
boost towards winning the title. Interviews were released showcasing Timo’s potential interest in a
move to Liverpool. But once again despite many news stories, nothing happened.
Recently as the season came to an abrupt halt due to the corona virus more and more stories
have come out linking Timo Werner with a move to Anfield. Mr. Werner himself has been very
complimentary of Liverpool stating his pride being linked with the club. Describing Liverpool’s style
as something he would enjoy and fit into well. He has even made his desire to leave the German league
for a new challenge clear and won’t leave Red Bulls for a domestic rival.

How would Timo Werner fit in with our current squad? Would he accept a position on the
bench? Many rumors have stated Timo Werner is confident if he signed for Liverpool he would be able
to compete for a starting position with our current front three. Personally I think we could move
Firmino back into a deeper role as a center forward or central attacking midfielder with Timo up top
playing as the Striker. Firmino has proven again and again his ability to drop back and defend. He also
creates space for the forwards and his movement off the ball is second to none. Mo Salah and Sadio
Mane have utilized and taken advantage of this system becoming our top goal scorers in 2 consecutive
seasons. Can you imagine if we had another attacking player up there? Alternatively we could also
employ a rotation system where he could replace a fatigued Mane or Salah on either wing or Bobby
centrally. During our usual yearly January- February slump having another impressive attacker could
make all the difference. Some people will also point out that Salah and Mane may be forced to miss a
number of games next season due to international commitments with both Egypt and Senegal
participating in the African Cup. I recently read a very interesting article about Klopp and FSG’s
longterm plans for the club. In the article, Klopp stated they were already planning for a future where
stars like Mane and Salah have gotten older and younger players will take over. At 24 years old Werner fits the
mold as a player who could spend many successful seasons in the Premier League.
Will Liverpool sign Timo Werner? At this moment in time, it’s too early to give a definite
answer based on the current situation influenced by Covid 19. Recently stories have emerged stating
Liverpool is refusing to match Timo Werner’s release clause believed to be in the 50-60 million
regions. Stating financial setbacks being the sole reasoning. Although it’s understandable that the
pandemic may have had a significant impact of the financial status of clubs all over the world, I think
teams will still spend money this summer in some capacity. I don’t expect any mega-money moves for
Mbappe but I think these recent news stories distancing Liverpool from signing Timo Werner are not
accurate. These days the most accurate and reliable news source for Liverpool F.C. is none other than
the Athletic’s James Pearce. James has provided regular updates on the situation throughout the saga
even stating Timo has turned down a move to Barcelona with his heart set on working with Jurgen
Klopp at Liverpool. In recent weeks James dispelled stories we were no longer tracking Timo Werner.
Even telling listeners on his podcast last week that Liverpool are still very much interested in Timo
Werner and to watch for updates soon. Over the last month Timo Werner made an interesting business
move by switching his social media and marketing agency to the same agency used by Jurgen Klopp.

In conclusion, I think we are still in for Timo Werner despite recent stories. I think we will pay
the release clause. It’s also my opinion that FSG might be reluctant to spend money immediately due to
potential backlash over the Furlough fiasco. This transfer might rumble on through the summer days as
we get a more complete picture of what to expect of the future of football. I’ve read that Leipzig are
waiting to see if they finish in a champions league position for next season, which may influence the
final price for Werner or provide some sort of effect or his release clause. I think behind the scene Nike
is pushing Liverpool for a Marquee signing to go with their new deal. Through it all I will do my best
to keep you updated on all Liverpool ins and outs this summer. Including the outlandish rumors linking
us with unlikely signings because sometimes it’s fun to live in the fantasy world where we sign
Mbappe, Sancho, and Werner with Koulibaly as Joe Gomes’ backup. I’m Jordan Gerrard, thanks for