Liverpool vs Crystal Palace Post Match Tactical Analysis by Cody Suite

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace Post Match Tactical Analysis Result: 2-1

It was one of those tough, hard-nosed game when digging out a result was just enough to bag 3 points for the reds. Of course, that wasn’t without a scare as Liverpool love to leave it late.

Crystal Palace: Had a mix of tactics that made Liverpool’s day difficult, including pressing and sitting deep. What Crystal Palace did best was break the counter-press. As Mane and Oxlade-Chamberlain pressed, many times the ball was dinked in behind the two wingers to exploit the space behind them. More times picking out Ox’s side as he is not a typical wing player. Players to Watch Analysis: Ayew got his chances, though couldn’t bag one, he gave Van Dijk and Lovren toms to do. Zaha seems to get the best of TAA each time they match up. Though, he seems to have it all except his final product. He had the chance to tie it up for the second time in the dying seconds, but technique and composure were not enough.

Liverpool: An underwhelming performance from Klopp’s men. They had to change up how they wanted to attack based on how CP were sitting deep most times. Long balls over the top when quick in transition. Steady play that was not nearly enough with their 2 banks of players. The first goal came off a turnover right around midfield and a quick transition to get in behind much of the CP team. A bit of luck on the deflection, none the less, the counter-press was effective and Mane puts the reds up a goal. Players to Watch Analysis: For me, I didn’t like Ox’s performance. Not an ideal position for him playing in the 11. Very pedestrian at times. He is a player who loves to be in the thick of it combining and knifing through the midfield with his dribbling ability. Not a terrible performance, just not the role I wanted to see him in. Firmino, did what he does week in and week out. Drops deep for those long balls to come in and wingers to run onto. Not his best game, but when you get a game-winner in the 85’ not a bad day in the office.