Liverpool vs Newcastle Player Ratings by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

Favorite quote of the day from Lady Rebecca Lowe: “When you have Sadio Mane in your team you’re never behind for long.

2nd favorite quote of the day from John Champion: “Champagne football from Roberto Firmino.”


Adrian – 7

Woody – 7 – Pretty random rating.  Nothing he could do for the goal and otherwise untested.  Alisson apparently out another month or so.  We were really hoping to have him for Chelsea now that Tammy Abraham apparently has golden boot aspirations.  We might learn a lot about Adrian this week.  We hope not.

Jason – 7 – Not much could be done about their goal – that was a quality strike (and faked TAA out of his jock to get the shot away). Just crossing out fingers for him at Napoli.

TAA – 8

W – 8 – He had two great chances to score.  Robbo had one.  Who will be the first?!

J – 8 – Aside from the previously mentioned defensive lapse (which was not awful, it happens) he had some quality offensive production

Virgil – 8 

W – 8 – Calm as you like.

J – 8 – I mean it’s a baseline these days. VVD = 8 as the new normal. He’s just the Ocho.

Matip – 8.25

W – 8 – Penalties should be taken by the player who’s been fouled.  Steve Nash shouldn’t shoot Shaq’s free throws.  And then people could shut up about Harry Kane’s incredible form for England.  Anyway, if we had that rule then that missed penalty call would really hurt.  Imagine big Joelly standing over a penalty, doing a few Alan Turing calculations, and then smashing one in with his size 22 boot.

J – 8.5 – was mugged on the pitch then again by the absence of a penalty then again by VAR for not giving him a pen

Robertson – 8

W – 8- He looked like his marauding Scottish self.  What a goal that would have been after that feathery lofted ball from Bobby.

J – 8 – The flying Scotsman. I love that guy. I also love that he didn’t get hurt on the International break (or did he?) Hoping he’s healthy for Napoli.

Fabinho – 7.75

W – 7.5 – He looked like our best midfielder, but as always our midfield is uninteresting and hard to evaluate against teams who sit deep.  We prefer to create through the fullbacks.

J – 8 – I thought he was great against Newcastle but was overshadowed by Mane and of course Bobby.

Gini – 7.25

W – 7 – See Fab above.  

J – 7.75 – Thought Gini was solid and steady. Anfield really enjoys singing his song which is good with me

Ox – 7.25

W – 7 – What is with all the heavy touches?  I was following a former player this week who said of Chambo, “not many who can dribble like him.”  And sometimes that’s true.  At the moment it’s not.  He’ll find his rhythm soon, probably against MK Dons with a hat trick.

J – 7.5 – Thought this was one of Ox’s better performances and seemed to have a good thing going with Bobby.

Origi – 6.5

W – 6.5 – You could make a case that he should get Man of the Match for making way Firmino to come on.  While he was down Sadio was looking at him like, “c’mon dude.  just let my man Bobby on.  Maybe we shouldn’t be so harsh.  He’s a good player but our front 3 is a different level.  And it just wasn’t his day.

J – I give him an incomplete. At least his ankle does not look as bad as Anthony Rizzo’s…

Mo – 8

W – 8 – Dangerous all day.  The amazing Firmino backheel flip actually still left him with a bit to do.  Of course he did it with the class of an Egyptian king.  What a simple high post give and go that was.  It looked like something Norman Dale drew up in Hoosiers but then was executed by Jordan and Magic.

J – 8 – I mean the pass to Bobby who did some sort of black magic and sent it back to Mo for the 3rd goal is underrated. I mean that 3rd goal… everything about it…

Mane – 8.75 Woody’s Man of the Match

W – 9 – Bobby was absolutely sumptuous.  But Mane had already equalized with a cracker.  And his reaction was no celebration; get the ball lads and let’s go.  You see that reaction to a tying goal a lot in the 85th minute, but not in the 28th.  Sadio Mane’s will to win is frightening.

J – 8.5 – He was amazing. Simply amazing. Got us level and then into the lead. He would have been MOTM for me but…


Firmino – 10 Jason’s MOTM

W – 10 – Yes, a 10 for a 35th minute sub.  Yes I (Stephen/Woody) gave MoM to Mane but just barely.  Bobby was incredible.  Neymar went to PSG for 200 million, did nothing to help them be anything but ridiculous and now Barca are falling over themselves trying to get him back?  We sold Phil for 145 million.  Meanwhile the best Brazilian of his Generation hangs out on the Mersey.  Champagne football indeed.

J – 10 – I am confused that Woody gives Bobby a 10 but Mane MOTM but that is probably because Woody is giving Bobby an assist for Sadio’s MOTM. Every now and then you see something special, unbelievable (as Arlo White would never say except in jest) and that entire process for the 3rd goal rates as unbelievable. When Bobby is plays like he did on Saturday, who is gonna beat us? Nobody.

Milner and Shaqiri – N/A

W – N/A – Like the Ox, Shaq is going to completely shred MK Dons in the Carabao.

J – Milly’s got a book coming out and I’m here for that. Debating an autographed copy. I will have him sign it and then send it to Robbo.

5 games.  5 wins.  Big week at Napoli and Chelsea.