American Scouser Season Predictions

We asked our contributors and Facebook Group admins for their season predictions. The categories are:

  1. Top 4
  2. Relegated Teams
  3. Top Scorer 
  4. Most Clean Sheets
  5. Player of the year
  6. First Coach to be sacked

and your outrageous prediction for the season.

Timucin Uras

  1. Top 4:The top four will be Liverpool(might be a tad biased here), Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal in that order.  United is still a mess and Chelsea will not be able to replace the goals and points Hazard brought with Pulisic.
  2.  Relegated Teams: Sheffield United, Aston Villa, and Norwich. I think this will be a season where the newcomers will not be able to hang on for another season. Newcastle and Brighton are on the bubble but I think their experience in the Premier League will carry them through.
  3. Top Scorer: Mo Salah 
  4. Golden Glove : Alisson – Liverpool will continue their controlled play even after gaining the lead, similar to last season. This will bring several clean sheets for Alisson.
  5. Player of the year – Mo Salah
  6. First in the unemployment line: Chris Wilder – Sheffield United will struggle and will look for a change to save their season

Outrageous prediction for the year : With new rules and introduction of VAR, the number of penalties awarded will go up by 50%

Gordon Lee

  1. Top 4
    1. Liverpool
    2. Man City
    3. Tottenham
    4. Man Utd
  2. Relegated Teams
    1. Sheffield Utd
    2. Aston Villa
    3. Newcastle
  3. Top Scorer – golden boot
    1. Mo fuckin Salah
  4. Most Clean Sheets-
    1. Allison Becker
  5. Player of the year
    1. for Liverpool: Ox
    2. For the league: Ayoze Perez
  6. First Coach to be sacked: Steve Bruce

Outrageous prediction for the year :

     An English team will win the CL

Hilary Castles

1.Top 4 Liverpool Tottenham Man City Arsenal

2.Relegated Teams Brighton Norwich Newcastle

3. Top Scorer – Mo Salah

4. Most Clean Sheets – Alisson Becker

5. Player of the Year – Andy Robertson

6.First manager to be sacked – Marco Silva if things don’t look great after all the business they did


Crazy prediction : Everton ends the league in 5th spot

Jamie Mulholland


1.Top 4 :Liverpool Citeh Spurs Arsenal 

2.Relegated:  Villa Norwich  Sheffield 

3.Top scorer : Mane

4.Golden glove  :Allison 

5.Player of the season :Salah

6.First sacked Ole 

Crazy prediction for the the season 

Robbo to beat trent in assists

Brando Ibarra

1. Liverpool, City, Arsenal, Spurs
2. Norwich, New Castle, Sheffield
3. Mo
4. Alisson
5. KDB if healthy
6. Ole
7. Wolves finish ahead of United
Lingerr Senghor
1. Top 4-> 1. Liverpool F.C. 2. Manchester City. 3. Spurs. 4. Chelsea. I think Arsenal aren’t quite up to it yet (they might make a surprise last minute defensive signing, though, and just about hack fourth place). I think United are far off and it makes me happy. I would -LOVE- if Wolves shocked everyone and got fourth. Great team to keep an eye on.
2. Relegated Teams-> not sure of the order, but almost certainly Sheffield, Newcastle, and Norwich.
3. Top Scorer – golden boot-> Mane. It’s time for him to win it outright. Mo and Aguero are solid bets as well.
4. Most Clean Sheets- Liverpool. Best defense, best keeper.
5. Player of the year- This is a tough one, but I’ll go with Van Dijk again.
6. First Coach to be sacked- Ole! Haha. Maybe Steve Bruce.
Outrageous prediction for the year : We have another 100+ point season! And England win the World Cup!
Richard Kramer
1.LFC, City, Spurs, Arse
2.Burnley, Norwich, Newcastle
3.Salah again
4. Allison again
5. Sterlin
6. Dyche
Not really that outrageous but Wolves in the top 6

Yosef Johnson

1.) Liverpool champs after a season were we sit 6 points above City. 2nd is City, forever in our shadow. Tottenham, big signings this summer, they know it’s essential they respond and continue on after their Cl Final appearance. They take 3rd. 4th I am gonna throw out a surprise pick and say Rodger’s Leicester City. 2.) Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield

3.) Mo Salah

4.) Becker, bless that lad.

5.) Player of the Year goes to Naby Keita at LFC and to Perez for the league. 6.) From the swamp of greed, Steve Bruce.

Outrageous: Leicester go 4th spot and into CL.

And here are some predictions submitted from our Facebook Group Members


1. Citeh, ‘Pool, Gooners, Spuds (they’re still the team to beat, and matching a 1-loss season is a tough sell)

2. Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield United (Magpies are a hot mess with Rafa’s departure, and the other two haven’t bolstered their Championship level squads enough)

3. Mane (I think it’s his time to shine; Aguero and Kane get injured too often)

4. Alisson (The Thin Red Line is still the best defense in the Prem)

5. Nicolas Pepe (He might be that final piece in Unai Emery’s puzzle)

6. Javi Garcia (A brutal opening schedule may send the Hornets into an early free-fall. Coupled with the Pozzo’s track record with managers…)

Alan Walnut

1 .Top 4 Liverpool Man City Tottenham Arsenal

2.Relegated Teams Sheffield Utd Aston Villa Brighton

3.Top Scorer – golden boot Mo Salah

4. Most Clean Sheets- Allison Becker

5.Player of the year for Liverpool: Alisson For the league: de Bruyne

6.First Coach to be sacked: Oli Gunnar Solskjaer

Outrageous prediction for the year : Rangers to win the Scottish Premier League!!