Come Together, Right Now…

Good Day Fellow Reds. As I sat down to write today, I really wasn’t sure to write about. This season was an emotional roller coaster, filled with scenes that Hollywood wouldn’t dare dream up. From every match in the last two months being a defacto final. To the unreal comeback against Barca, and of course, winning the European Cup! But that is what Liverpool Football Club does. They make us dream. For a day or two a week, they make us believe that anything is possible.

Stop the Pissing Contests

Over the last few days or so, I have noticed a lot of commotion on a few of the Facebook groups I am in. People claiming to be “truer” fans because they have supported the Club for longer and through tougher times. Or being more committed and things like that. There in fact was a big dust up, because someone posted something from Dreamteam which is a subsidiary of the S**. And instead of trying to educate that person on why We have boycotted that rag, people went on a rampage and tore the poor lad apart.

That is NOT what this club is about! Sure not everyone is going to agree on certain things all the time. But it should be kept to on field and transfer window discussions. Of course people won’t all agree on the best mid-field selections for next year, or whether we should offer on Coutinho after he faked and injury, quit on his club, turned his hurt back on the city, and left to go win trophies. That’s perfectly normal and healthy. That is what makes social media so great. The fact that I can write and podcast with people from all over the Country and the World. But having a pissing contest about who’s a better or more loyal supporter is just plain stupidity in my opinion. Who cares if you watch one match a week, or buy everyone streaming service offered to watch every match available. Did you ever think maybe you’ve been a fan longer just because you’re older? That’s not dedication or loyalty, thats just time bro.

Two Hour Therapy Sessions

I went through a break up following a six year relationship around the middle of the season. It had been on and off again for a while, but this time we both knew it was time to move on. We couldn’t just keep doing this in perpetuity. I wasn’t sure how to move past it, or if I could. All I could do was just count the days in between matches. And no matter how bad things got, on match day, I always had one thought on match day. And it was,”For the next two hours everything in the world seems right.” And it did. No matter what the result from that game was, for two hours, I was able to forget about everything else. Work, relationships, other personal stuff, all gone. I sang songs. I prayed with Salah, smiled with Bobby, and celebrated with Klopp. This Club, and these players give everyone something to look forward to. And just not only when we win.

In January 2018, I lost my Pap and my Aunt within 6 hours of each other. It was on a Friday, so that whole next week was just focused on planning services We had services on Thursday and Saturday that week. After Saturday’s funeral the family all headed back to my Grams house. Everyone but me. The Reds were playing West Brom in a cup match. Going in, I knew that Klopp was going to put out a younger side, and that the result may not be favorable. I didn’t care. I needed a break. After a couple of texts messages semi-explaining how its only going to be for a few hours at most, I found a local bar, sat down and just was able to block out one of the shittiest weeks of my life. Liverpool lost that day, but it didn’t matter. For two hours, everything in the world was Right.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

This Football Club is different from every other one in the World. Yeah we’re a huge club, but doesn’t it still feel tight knit? There is a video making the rounds of a gentleman who is battling Alzheimer’s. His lovely daughter bought him next years kit. He put it on and started singing the words to You’ll Never Walk Alone. The first time in years. That’s what this Club is all about! Forget all the other bullshit. Our taglines are This Means More, and You’ll Never Walk alone. Not, “I remember signing Joe Cole and Andy Carroll so I’m a better fan than you.” Just not what we’re about. Remember, for two hours, all in the world seems right. And for two minutes, for Melanie and her dad, all seemed right!

Thanks for taking the time as always. I hope that some of these stories resonate with you guys. This does in fact mean more!