Liverpool vs Bournemouth Player Ratings – Cozzy

Alisson – Good today. Done his job great. Solid save in the first minute which got us on our way. He’s just class, can’t stop looking at him – 7

Milly – Played really well today. Got up and down that line brilliantly. Thought he was excellent when he went center mid. Miss his energy and work rate in the middle of the park. – 7

Matip – Better than last week. Made some crucial interceptions. Just want him stronger on the ball. Never seen a center half so big but so weak. Mad player – 7

Virgil – Do we mark in anymore? Just brilliant most games and today was no exception. We have the best center half in the world and the price we paid looked like a steal – 7

Robbo – The kilt wearing, Irn-Bru drinking, Haggis eating magician. He’s the best left back in the world. That’s final. Stop with all the other bullshit- 7

Gini – Fuck me we have missed this little lad. He’s brilliant, one of the most important players in our team. His goal was delightful and his overall work rate was excellent. Man of the match.. just – 9

Fabs – He’s so massively important. Find our full backs with ease with his passing and his tackling is great. Big game vs Pogba in our next league match – 7

Keita – Best game for us by a mile. His energy in the middle was a sight to behold. His pass for Bobby to set up Salahs 3rd had me excited, yes in the way that your thinking. Lot sure if he’s 6”1 or 5”5. Brilliant. – 8.5

Mane – He has this tremendous knack of scoring big goals. His one today to set us on our way was so important. His tireless running is what we needed in support of the midfield. Let’s see him run at Phil Jones next week- 8

Bobby – Awful vs West ham and back to being brilliant today. He’s mad. How do you go from being so shite to being the best striker in the league in a week. Excellent. His touch and movement where amazing. I want Bobby to have my kids. – 8.5

Mo – Genius. His work rate today was outstanding. Goal – WOW! He will decided if in May we will lift trophies or not, he’s that important. – 8

Subs –

Origi 90 + 6 – Had a chance to score late on but the ball to him wasn’t good enough. He’s now probably the 1st or 2nd sub of the bench for when we need a goal, would you have said that at the start of the season? – 6.5

Trent – Needed this lad back like I need the lottery numbers. Came on and just provided balance. Could have scored if not for a great save – 6.5

Sturridge- No score

Man of the Match – Gini the Genie 🧞‍♂️