Liverpool 4 – 3 Crystal palace player ratings

Alisson – Deasent distribution. Nothing he could really do with the goals, a bit better on the 3rd maybe. Still boss though – 6

Milly – Played good I thought. Out of position, thought he played Zaha quite well. Sending off at the end which isn’t a huge concern. Couple of weeks off to rest – 6

Matip – How do I mark this lad? Considering he hasn’t played in a while he was OK I guess, but quicker we get Gomez back the better. – 6

Virgil – Not his best game defensively. Think he was great coming out. He looks like he needs this trip to Dubai for a break. So blessed to have him – 6.5

Robbo – Marked his new contract with a good performance, don’t think he was really had a bad game for us. Dependable and probably the best left back in the world – 7

Hendo – Really impressive today. Think he really put in a captains performance. Some of his tackling and break up play was brilliant. More performances like that please big man – 8.5

Fabs – Slowly becoming a really important cog for us. He’s so impressive. The ball to Milly for the 3rd was sublime. Proper box to box midfielder when Hendo plays. Maybe that’s the formula to get the best out of both of them – 7.5

Keita – Shite wasn’t he? He’s so close to getting everything right and clicking but it’s just not going his way. He does lose the ball doing forward passes which shows he wants to be involved an he’s not hiding. – 5

Mane – Always an outlet going forward. Great goal at the end which will do him a world of good. When he’s boss, he gives us so much in terms of getting his up the field. – 7

Bobby – Scoring touch is really back now isn’t it? Played well today, deflection on his goal, but that shows you things are coming up Bobby. Give us the lotto numbers mate – 7

Mo – If he is not the best player in the league then I haven’t seen the lad better than him. His 1st is such an underrated finish. Beautiful touch. His 3rd was instinct after the mistake. Follows the ball in hoping a mistake would happen. He might just win is the title on his own- 9

Subs –

Lallana – Done well I thought. Nice to have him back. Assist for Mane wouldn’t have done him any harm. We need him now till the end of the season. – 7

Shaq – might be the biggest beneficiary of a winter break my little cube. He looks a bit jaded. Was a crazy game for him to get involved with – 6

Camacho – No score

Man of the Match – King of Egypt