The Curious Case of Dom Solanke

The Curious Case of Dom Solanke

by David Cozzy Cosgrove

Might not be the most entertaining headline you have ever read, but I think he’s probably the most interesting player at Liverpool football club right now. Tall, strong, pacey, he has all the attributes to be a top striker for the next 10 years in the premier league, but is lost of any confidence and self-belief.

The guy is 6 foot 2, good looking, plays football for one of the biggest clubs in the world, probably doesn’t struggle in any night club, but on a football pitch, he’s like watching someone on a video game pressing the same button constantly trying to get the win. Over and over again he looks frustrated, tired looks half a yard of the pace. Of course, he hasn’t had many minutes, but this is a guy who has just scored his 1st goal in the last Premier league match of the season, and 1 week later, your manager has a sub left, 3-1 to the best side of the last 5 years in the European Cup final and he doesn’t use it. He was our only striking option! There is a bigger case too look at, Why? Why didn’t he pick a guy with all the attributes I named for the last 10 minutes? He subbed on an unfit Lallana and an unfit Emre Can. This is a kid who has played for every level in the national side, even winning his first England cap against Brazil ( Of all teams)

18 years old at Chelsea they loan him to Vitesse Arnhem (Chelsea’s reserves) and he scores 7 goals in 25 games? For an 18 year old? Imagine Ben Woodburn doing that? We would be drooling for him. We would be shouting it from the rooftops, saying we have the next Ian Rush, instead of letting him go to Sheffield United. Dom Solanke must be checking his phone like I check closing times for restaurants, waiting for Steven Gerrard’s number to pop up. Surely it’s the right fit? Playing in front over 50,000 fans every week, high pressure, European football and under someone who can nurture young talent. It looks like the perfect fit, the kid needs games! What about big Davey Wagner at Huddersfield? Can’t he get on the phone to Kloppo and say I fancy a bit of him in January when they are rooted to the bottom of the league and dying to stay up? That’s possible.

Now there is a few things we need to take into consideration, with Liverpool’s starting front 3, D Studge, Divock, Big Shaq, and the natural signing of Fekir in January (give me a break, I can dream!) , does Dom ever play for Liverpool this season? We are out of the League Cup. Maybe an FA cup game in January against some lower league side? Just incase you missed that – I said January!! Am writing this in September. The 2nd thing is, he backs himself, I like that, but with the options the reds have got, I back myself to pull Megan Fox, but its not happening is it? Hes talent, he needs to learn the game, just not om Liverpool’s watch. We haven’t got the time or games to do it, We did it with Trent, but that was luck. If Clynes fit, does Trent play 20 games last year? No chance.

Another thing to think about is his willingness to be a top player, many times these Chelsea kids are millionaires by the time they leave the womb. Josh McEachran, Tom Kalas, Michael Mancienne, Jacob Mellis, the list goes on. These are kids who come with all the talent to be a top player, but join the list of too much too soon. Talent is not the issue for Dom, actually think there is bags of it, but at Chelsea, was probably earning more in a week than I do in a year, probably when he was 16. The fight goes, the hunger goes, it happens. Its happens to bigger sportsmen than Dom. When Tyson was destroying everyone, when Bolt had no more competition. The spark went, of course we are talking about a 21 year old, where the same thing applies, not knowing much about Doms back story, he has probably bought his house, his parents and families houses, sees a few 00000s in the bank and thinks fuck it. Do you want to run through walls in your job in the same position? This sport is a job to some people, fans need to remember that. We get caught up in all the glory and passion, but it’s a job.

My view is, loan the kid out for a couple of years, let him learn the game. Let him go and bully some players, put 12-15 goals in a season and get his confidence back. How much is he worth then $30 million? Outside the Top 6 last season, Jamie Vardy scored the most goals – 20, 2nd in line? Glen Murray who scored 12, If big Dom can get that, he clears $30 million all day. 1 thing am sure about, he will not be a Liverpool player in 3 years. He is a profit maker, a very talented one.