Today is the day

Im not going to write some crazy long thing about this. We have seen the previous 3 meeting so we know what the matchup’s between these two teams look like.

Liverpool comes into this with a 3-0 lead. The math is simple if Liverpool doesn’t score then Manchester City needs to win by 3 goals to force extra time and four goals to win outright, but if Liverpool scores a goal then City has to win by a 4 goal margian to advance.

The biggest question here probably is what is the status of Andrew Robertson and Mo Salah both are nursing minor injuries.  Both made it through training yesterday and it seems like they’re both good to go but we won’t know for sure until the lineups are released. I personally expect them both to play.

City on the other hand are coming off a rough week. Besides the 3-0 loss at Anfield they’re coming off a 3-2 loss at home against Manchester United on Saturday. I expect them to come out fired up and a little pissed off, but on the other hand they could be a beaten team right now and will be emotionally drained and come out flat.

Either way this isn’t over yet, but the biggest question I think is can Liverpool get a goal if they get a goal they should be good to go. Expect Jurgen Klopp to try to find a balance between the way they played in the first half and second half of last week’s game. I think especially of Salah plays that Liverpool will find a goal on the counter attack especially with how hard City will be pushing for a goal right out of the gates and once they get the goal it will crush the souls of City.

City wins 3-1 but Liverpool advances 4-3