Champions League Quarter Final Leg One: A Summary

Wanna relive the sheer and utter euphoria from Wednesday night’s game without spending ninety plus minutes listening to Martin Tyler’s condescending astonishment?

Here are a few highlights and celebrations to get you buzzed for Tuesday’s game. I want to see all of you perfecting one of the Fab 3’s (or 4 if you include Ox) celebrations for when the final whistle blows and we’ve advanced to the SEMIs.

The Egyptian King and his 12th-minute goal came on the cusp of a charged and fast paced gamed. For some reason, Liverpool had been heralded as the underdogs in this showdown, with only the chanting and flag-waving fans at Anfield as our advantage. But we broke through early thanks to the unstoppable Mo Salah.

CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE OX IS COOKING?? No really, he’s a winning chef. Well, at least stacked against Hector Bellerin and Chuba Akpom.  But no one can deny his rise as one of our most indispensable midfielders. Don’t lie, your eyebrow was raised when news of broke of his last-minute signing. If not at the name, then the price tag maybe. But one thing is for sure: we hadn’t seen the best of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain at Arsenal; we didn’t see the best of him in the first half of this season; and surely we haven’t seen the best of him as he continues to outperform his previous shining moments. He has risen to the occasion when we needed him most. Somebody throw on that Bachman Turner Overdrive song and play Ox’s goal on repeat!

We ain’t seen nothing yet!

Everyone wants to bring up the red card. But Sadio Mane has proven his consistency with another great season (16 goals, 8 assists) and scored a goal at each of the meetings with Man City since the infamous early season game. Under cover of what some might say is the shadow of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane manages to score ruthless goals and create space and opportunites, earning his spot in the “unstoppable” front three (Pep’s words, not mine. I can’t describe them in one word, they’re that amazing.)

And while our back four all had a fantastic game, no one had more success out on the pitch but the man of the match himself, Trent Alexander-Arnold. A true Red, Scouser born and raised, he came back after a few less than par performances and blew everyone’s collective minds with his handling of Leroy Sane.


Pep downtrodden and shrugging at the inevitability of it all.



The second leg of the quarter-final at Manchester City is Tuesday, April 10th at 2:45 PM eastern.