Pre-Watford Press Conference Highlights

The first question on everyone’s mind was what is Klopp’s reaction to drawing Manchester City for the Champion’s League quarterfinals.  Half laughing, he answered, “It’s a dream draw for all Man United fans.”

He went on to add, “I really don’t mind, we have enough time to prepare for that game…I knew it would be difficult and [they are] difficult…The good news is, for Man City, it will be difficult as well.”

He did express some disappointment that we drew a team from our own league, let alone the top team, but at the end added, “It’s the last 8 in Europe, and if that would be easy then something would be wrong.”

JK is Angry: One of the reoccurring subjects was his displeasure with the game schedule. Klopp is not happy that the Reds play the first leg against Manchester City on a Wednesday night, and go on to play Everton in the Merseyside Derby early Saturday afternoon. The question was asked a few times, and he looked about ready to throw his water bottle at the third person to bring it up.

On preparations to play Watford: “We want to go back to being the winning side immediately.”

Adam Lallana and his England call-up and recovery: “Adam had probably the most difficult season of his career, but he is still a top three, top four player of England…Our job is to use him as often as possible, and if he can, prepare him for the World Cup. He will be fit in the summer.”

On the Man United Loss this week: “Around the two goals we conceded, our formation was not right, our behavior…protection was not good…It should not happen–in any game–but against United for sure…Apart from that–we controlled the game, we dominated it. We had the ball. We created chances. We were constantly in the box, against a deep, defending side with the quality of Man United, creating chances is a real job to do…We were not happy about the result. We were not happy about the performance, but the performance was not as bad as the result.” He went on to add, “A lot of things you can learn from this game, a lot of things you have to learn from this game.”

On Oxlade-Chamberlain getting called up to the England squad: “It makes absolute sense. He is a top, top player.”

On Trent Alexander-Arnold and his play time and development: “The reason why he is playing is not because he is Trent, or a Scouser, it is because of his quality. That’s why he played. His quality is obvious. His areas for improvement are obvious as well…he is the youngest of all the players who made a mistake [during the United game].”

Between Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez: “We will see who will start at the weekend.”

You can watch the full interview here.