Salah Value Goes Through The Roof!

Found this on NBC Soccer. You can read the entire thing here

Look this isn’t some shocking news, we all knew we stole him from Roma ultimately. Even back in the summer LFC was smart and got this deal done before the Neymar deal which probably changed transfer values forever or at least in the present term.  But the fact that we got him for 52 million dollars (american money here) and now he’s valued at 92 million is borderline insane. I know what a player is worth is just some weird guess that most of us have no clue where they get these numbers from and if someone tells you they do they are pulling your leg. And for players like him if they are sold they are usually sold for more than the players value, but just taking a minute or two to think about how good this move was makes it almost unbelievable, and it’s the type of thing that makes you want to punch the FSGOUT gang on twitter who doesn’t think FSG ever does anything right, but you look at this and it is definitely the best deal anyone made last summer and second place isn’t even close.