Champions League Is Really Important

Even without the money that comes with the Champions League we all know how important it is. There is nothing like being able to go head to head against the best Europe has to offer and it is the most important trophy in club football. At the end of the season every team that plays in the prestigious competition wants to be called Champions of Europe, some will argue winning the Champions League is more important than winning your league. But besides all that the money that comes with playing in the Champions League can be the difference of being one of Europe’s elite when it comes to having the money to compete with the elites in the transfer market. It is no secret the elite players want to play for clubs in the Champions League and if you’re not in the Champions League for the upcoming season you really limit yourself when it comes to what players you can target. Think back to how devastating Liverpool’s loss to Sevilla in the Europa League Final was in 2016. Sure, it hurt because it was a trophy that could have been won in Klopp’s first year and it would have been a great way to cap off a magical run in that competition after beating Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, and Villareal to get to the final, but it also hurt Klopp that summer when it came to what players he could target. As the echo wrote today

the amount of money at stake for Liverpool in the next couple months show how big the rest of the season is for the future of this club. Finishing top 4 is vital to keeping this momentum going and if we’re able to keep this momentum going into the summer we’re only a couple moves from realistically challenging for the title next year. But, it’s not just that the financial gain that could be made by advancing further in this year’s competition could be huge for us as well from a financial point of view. Obviously there is nothing more that I want than to see the Reds win that trophy this year and that has nothing to do with money, but knowing how much advancing can help the momentum that Klopp has built by padding our pockets a little more is even more incentive for our boys to advance. Just something to keep in mind as the rest of the season plays itself out.