David C Jennings

I often see people in the Liverpool online community ask “When did you become a Liverpool fan”? I had to figure this out but, being born in ’62, I figured it was definitely by the 69-70 season because I had a team poster on my wall before we moved at Easter 1970.

I remember the following season more. We beat Everton 3-2 after being down 2-0 with 25 mins to go. It was the start of a new era. Hunt, Lawrence, St. John, Thompson, Yeats were gone – Clemence, Lloyd, Heighway, Toshack were new to the team. A young Kevin Keegan would be waiting in the wings by the time Liverpool reached the FA Cup Final in May ’71.

I moved to the USA in ’83 and entered a football moratorium of sorts. Following club football in Europe was nearly impossible until the mid-nineties. But the expansion of cable TV and the arrival of the internet changed everything. I created an online identity – Through the Storm – which still exists today. I started to comment, and then write.

I actually wrote on a lot of subjects from history to religion to politics as well as sports and began podcasting as well in 2009. But I began to focus almost entirely on Liverpool in 2013 when I connected with, what was then, the Official Liverpool Supporters Club for California.

Since then I’ve been published by The Anfield Index, Canada Free Press, ESPN Australia, Shankly’s Army and The Tomkins Times in addition to writing for Through the Storm. I’ve appeared on The Football Purists and 2 Yanks v Brits podcasts as well. 

In 2016 I was one of three the founding members of The USA Kop; a suite of online media representing USA Liverpool supporters which is now heading in a new direction. In 2017 I pioneered LFC Long Beach which became an Official Liverpool Supporters Club the following year. As Chair of the branch my aim is to raise up leadership that can take the branch to greater heights and begin new groups to grow the name and support of Liverpool Football Club.

Discovering American Scouser I could see it was doing many of the things I had a vision but had been unable to accomplish. As the old adage goes – “if you cant beat ‘em join ‘em”. With that in mind I hope I can bring talents to American Scouser that will make it the premier destination for the US based Liverpool fan.