Venkat Ramamurthy

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Venkat Ramamurthy

I was born in India, grew up in Bahrain and now live in Texas. I have completed the Texas trifecta of living in Houston for 16 years, Austin for 2 years and as of June 3rd, 2020, me and my wife of 10 years will be relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area (also known as DFW).

I became a supporter of Liverpool FC at the age of 8, and finally got to visit Anfield at the age of 42 to watch the Mighty Reds play in the 2019 Champions League Quarterfinal. For a sports junkie who has been to numerous Baseball, Basketball and NFL games in Houston and Dallas, there was no prior sporting experience that bears comparison to that wonderful night at Anfield.

I’ve had the writing bug for many years, but ignored it in favor of the real world and my career as an Accountant. I feel honored to be a contributor for and I feel no greater joy than to write for my beloved club. When I am not working or writing, I am a husband to my better half and dog daddy to my 2 fur babies Rajah and Maggie.