Jordan Gerrard


Growing up with a last name like Gerrard makes it impossible not to support Liverpool F.C. In the 1st grade my class was doing a project where everyone was told to come to school wearing clothes that represented their family’s culture and heritage. One child whose family was from Japan wore a Kimono, another from mexico wore a sombrero. I showed up wearing a Liverpool kit.

When I reached an age old enough to choose and I truly learned about the club, it felt like Liverpool F.C. and I were made for each other.

My father was heavily involved with football, playing professional in England and the United States. He is also a successful manager. He’s not Steven Gerrard.

My talents were mostly limited to video games. I am an avid gamer (Luckyjay17 on PS4 and Xbox). I play Fifa but will argue it’s rigged on a regular basis. I’m that good.

For the majority of a decade I have been independently developing/ designing my own video game called Kush Quest. It’s a retro RPG adventure game with numerous unofficial LFC cameos and Easter eggs. It’s more of a passion project then a business, so it’s free for anyone to play on PC, Mac and most phones.

I consider myself a Liverpool kit collector. I have amassed a closet with over 50 Liverpool jerseys and counting. On days I’m not working I tend to wear my jerseys so the majority of them are not worth much. 

I currently reside in Los Angeles, California working as a Painter. I am excited for the opportunity to write for this website as The American Gerrard. I look forward to providing a new perspective on LFC transfers and other content.