[Wolves 3 – 0 Liverpool].

Put a fork in us, we’re done. At least that’s what it feels like, doesn’t it?

Yes, we’re only midway through the season, and Herr Klopp appears to think that we’ll end up top-four by the time it’s done and dusted. It’s hard to believe him when the performances on the pitch are so downright disgusting. All respect to Wolves, who did us in efficiently and gracefully, but while the turnaround at Molineux has thus far been excellent, the home team isn’t that good quite yet.

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It’s just that Liverpool is worse. So bad, that it allowed a team who has struggled the entire season to score goals to put three in the plus column. It is perhaps fitting that the Reds scored one of the three.

Nothing appears to be working right now. Sure, Liverpool showed a bit of passion and verve in the, uhh, first half of the second half, which seems to be the best that it can muster these days. It adds to the frustration because it happens every game, and makes you wonder why they can no longer pull it off for an entire game, like they used to do last season.

There is no point dwelling on it; the problem isn’t with one player or another, and it’s not just the midfield, although the midfield looks downright pitiful. It’s all over the pitch. I fear for our youngsters, like Bajcetic, who does play with customary Scouser passion, but he is not immune to this disease. Neither is Harvey, who is starting to show the signs of mentally adjusting downwards to match his teammates. It’s painful to watch as a Reds fan, but if you’re on the opposing side in any given game, I can’t fault you for chortling with glee.

Like I told my colleague here in AmericanScouser, Liverpool right now plays football the way I play FIFA.

You can’t get much worse than that.

So the Wanderers wandered all over the pitch, outsmarted, outfought, and outplayed the Reds, and their third goal, a gorgeous prime-Liverpool kind of move, kindly put us out of our misery. All that remained was to dispose of the body. They must be wondering over at the Santiago Bernabéu whether they should rest only half the team, or just let their B side have a go at it.

That Merseyside derby coming up?

Yeah, I don’t really care to think about it either.