11 Questions – Summer Break Edition by Jeff Cutler

Football is an interesting game. Discount that the word was co-opted by the American game thus confusing millions, and you will agree that Football is complicated, amazing, and beautiful.

With that in mind – and also sharing the reminder that I only recently became a Premier League fan and Liverpool supporter – I humbly ask these eleven questions of the more experienced Reds fans and pure football fans on this site.

11 – When I played, we had actual shin pads under our socks. Aside from a little tape, is protecting your shins no longer a thing… or are they wearing shin protection and I cannot tell?

10 – Now that we’ve had the option to hear players and coaches without crowd noise, do you want even more precise microphones so you can make out every word…or do you want to go back to artificial noise until real people can go back?

9 – For the most part, Liverpool has had solid sponsors that supporters also support. How would your drinking habits change if White Claw became the ‘beer’ sponsor of the club?

Underscore drink reference in column
My ball and mug – they’re with me for every match – contents change.

8 – I heard that Traore oils himself up prior to matches. Are there other steps players take to make it harder to grab them? Do you think kit manufacturers are creating jerseys that are tougher to grab? Is the Nike Vapor coated with micro-silicone?

7 – From a player’s perspective, is there a big difference between the ball used in the EPL and the one used in UEFA Champions and then the one used in Europa or in World Cups?

6 – If you were given a choice between the ’19-’20 full kit and an official ball; tickets to watch Liverpool v Leeds opener; or breakfast with Jurgen Klopp, which would you choose?

5 – Is there another EPL team you make an effort to watch if only to cheer on their opponent? If this team was relegated, would you still tune in and cheer against them?

Team I cheer against
New England Patriots (and NE Revs) stadium. I cheer against the #Hatriots.

4 – By some freakish contest outcome, you’ve got to stand in goal against a PK by any current Liverpool player. Who would you choose to go against…and why?  (Editor:  ahem… it is called a “penalty”)

3 – What are your thought on derby scarves that have two teams on them?

2 – If someone could guarantee Liverpool 89 points next season, would you take it?

1 – Do the players eat together after a match? What do they usually have? Is it prepared at Anfield or do they go out?

I will share some of my questions every so often. I would love to hear what you are pondering about when it comes to football and our Liverpool Reds.

Thanks for reading!