My Liverpool Story by Ethan Dailey

Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Oakland County, Michigan. I’ve lived in the area virtually all of my life. I’m only a second generation Michigander, as my family is originally from Virginia. My mother’s side of the family is Canadian and my father’s side is German-Irish.

How, when, and why did you become a Liverpool fan?

I will start with how I became a soccer fan in general first. I believe that’s an important story to tell, especially as an American. As is the case with many Americans sadly, I didn’t grow up with an appreciation for the beautiful game. I knew of the big four American sports and they were all I was concerned with. Detroit didn’t really have a soccer team at the time, so I didn’t pay any attention to the game at all. My best friend, however, played and watched soccer. He would mention it once in a while but knew I didn’t really have an interest, so he would only try half-heartedly to convince me to watch it on TV. I would watch the World Cup every four years, with the first one I remember watching extensively being South Africa 2010. By the time I graduated high school in 2014 the World Cup had rolled around again, and I spent most of that summer absorbed in every match I could watch. I was filled with pride at how Germany captured the title, and something about me changed as a soccer fan after that. I was dying of thirst for more soccer. 

So naturally, as a result of that thirst, I needed soccer all the time: That meant not just waiting for the next World Cup to roll around. I desired to follow club soccer. My best friend was an Arsenal supporter, but I just never felt a passionate draw towards the club. Then one night, scrolling through Netflix, I found the Hillsborough ESPN documentary. It was a heart-wrenching story and a well-made film, but what stuck out to me the most was how the Liverpool fanbase and the families of the victims would not give up in their fight for justice. This example of a strong community sold me on supporting Liverpool. It also helps that the city of Liverpool has a background of Irish immigration, as I’m very proud to be of Irish descent. I mark July 2014 as my “LFC Anniversary”.

Who’s your all-time favorite Liverpool player and why?

I would have to say Stevie G. I only saw him play his last season in England, and I really wish I could’ve seen more of him. He was a fearless leader who was never afraid of a challenge (i.e. Istanbul 2005). 

Where do you watch Liverpool matches?

My work schedule typically leaves me watching the highlights afterwards, but if I had my way I would be watching them with my Arsenal best friend (I know, weird), at Carragher’s in NYC. As plane tickets aren’t cheap, I’m content to watch the matches at home.

What was your most memorable Liverpool game and why?

The Champions League final 2019. Period. Witnessing the club I love win the most coveted trophy in Europe was a feeling I’ll never forget. It was a long and memorable journey, with a memorable cast of stars. We firmly re-established ourselves as the Kings of Europe, and then went on to prove ourselves, Kings of the World, by winning the Super Cup and Club World Cup. It also felt good to know I’m supporting a club that’s won the Champions League six times, and the only English club to complete the international treble!

What is your all-time favorite goal for the Reds?

This is a close one for me. I love Salah’s goal against Chelsea in EPL play last year. That week some classless and racist Chelsea fans targeted Salah on social media, but then he scored THAT goal. A rocket into the top corner and then he strikes the yoga pose. AMAZING! It certainly shut up their fans! For as awesome a goal that was, my favorite goal is still Lovren’s header against Dortmund in the Europa League. Everyone had us dead and buried but we came back to win. Dejan’s goal sealed the deal. Milner placed the ball perfectly, Lovren headed it in, and then slid towards the Kop and was instantly mobbed. 

Have you ever traveled to Liverpool?

I have not. Not yet at least. It is a dream of mine to eventually make my way to Anfield.

Have you seen Liverpool play in the States?

I saw them play Manchester United at Michigan Stadium in the summer of 2018. A nice 4-1 win with goals from Mané, Sturridge, Ojo, and Xherdan Shaqiri.

Who’s your favorite present-day Liverpool player, and why?

I would say it’s Andy Robertson. He’s tough as nails, hard-working, and always good for an assist when it’s needed. He and VVD are the enforcers of the team and I’ve always been partial to scrappy players. 

What do you do when you’re not cheering for the Reds?

I work retail for Duluth Trading Company and I go to school part time. I want to pursue a career in sports broadcasting, as sports are a huge passion of mine, and I love researching for information to make arguments with. Other sports teams that I support include the Green Bay Packers, The Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Detroit Red Wings. I also enjoy true crime stories, attending church, and studying the German language.