5 Talking Points from Liverpool vs Manchester United

Reds fail to put the game away

Liverpool had chances to score more goals and put United away but failed to capitalize on the chances created. The initial ten minutes in the beginning of the second half was pure dominance of the Reds with several clear cut chances but the much needed second goal never came. The single goal lead kept United in the game and caused a brief period of pressure as United tried to come back towards the end of the game. This has been a recent trend for Liverpool and has forced the team to finish off some tight games. The ability of being able to get three points in these games is key to the title run and knowing that these wins are coming without the clinical finishing has to be a scary thought for future opponents

The Power of Running

In a game where the front three struggled and the TAA-Robbo duo failed to create chances, it was left to the midfield to keep control of the game. The trio of Henderson, Gini, and Ox dominated the midfield with their great work-rate and never-ending energy. The recent success of the team has finally opened the eyes of some fans who kept looking outside for ‘creative’ midfielders even though our system requires the likes of these three players who are willing to close down spaces and bring constant pressure. The captain is a nonstop running machine, Gini is by far the best player in the league when it comes to shielding and protecting the ball, and Ox is a constant threat with his agility and shooting ability.

The Reds are almost there

On our last podcast, I mentioned that I would join the group confident of winning the title if Liverpool came out of the next three games(Tottenham,United, Wolves) with nine points. While we have not reached the third game yet, with City and Leicester both losing points this week, it is clear that this is our year. Not only due to the huge point gap we have established but the forms of the teams in the “race”. Even if the Reds go on a bad run and start losing points, our closest opponents do not show signs that they can win out all their games with the issues they have. Nothing is ever 100% until it happens, but we are approaching that date a lot faster than anyone anticipated.


What a goalie! I admit that I am always on the edge when he plays those passes in the back a bit too close to the opponent but his ability to direct the play from the back has been the key to absorbing pressure. Everything the guy does clearly gives confidence to the players in front of him which is very important for the team. Another clean sheet this week and a great assist to finish off the game! His sprint to Salah to celebrate the goal will be one of the highlights of the year when we are watching the countless videos celebrating our title. 

Rotation time

One thing to notice during that Alisson sprint to Salah was how the rest of the team was too tired to join. The relentless work that the players put on the field to achieve this unreal run takes its toll and rotation will be needed to keep this run going. With the next game coming only 4 days after the United game, Klopp will almost surely look to get some players rest. Fabinho is back at exactly the perfect time along with Matip who were both on the bench this game at Anfield. In Klopp we trust! He has done a great job at getting the results while rotating this year and will be looking to see more of that in the next game.