Liverpool v. Bournemouth Player Ratings by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

Woody – Well we’ve finally had a couple of games with a bit of breathing room in the last minutes, which has been welcome.  City continue to drop points, which is very welcome even if this time it was to the benefit of a certain struggling bastion of evil. Tuesday we ramp up the stress levels again for a huge UCL match at Salzburg.  On to the ratings.

Jason – I’d describe the match as a solid scrimmage. Nice to rotate the lineup and see some solid performances. Really impressed by Mo and Naby.

Big match on Tuesday and I’m hoping to get it at Carragher’s in NYC.

Alisson – 7

W – 7 In the Napoli game, after Virgil was fouled in the buildup, Lovren tried to play Mertens offside just a few yards inside the Liverpool half.  Alisson was left on an island, conceded a goal, and does not forget.  “Ok lads, you want to take the high line out to midfield or further?  I’m coming for every single ball I have even a chance of getting.”  We might need the coaches, defenders and Ali to have a talk about this.  It led to a straight red for Ali and it still isn’t quite fixed.

J – 7 – I mean it feels low to give him a 7 when he got a clean sheet but here we are… to be honest he really did not have much to do so 7 for a clean sheet it is

Robbo – 7

W – 7 – We’re getting used to seeing teams play really wide to prevent our fullbacks getting those great crosses in.  Robbo still gets some room when he has Trent (or Lovren ha) to ping it 60 yards to him.  So he was a bit better after TAA came on.  Regardless, he’s a scrappy little Scot.

J – 7 – he was typically Robbo. Back and forth like Grayfriars Bobby. Got subbed off at 76 for Curtis Jones which seems fair.

VVD – 8.75

W –  9 –  Some games he’s more of a Rolls Royce than others.  This was one.  We were amused when he went shoulder to shoulder with their guy at the top of the box and just chaperoned him all the way out of play, earning a goal kick.

J – 8.5 – Made a great tackle, several of them. Played great defense.

Lovren – 7.25

W – 7 – I always rooted for Gomez and then Matip to stay healthy so that we wouldn’t have the volatility risk of Lovren on the pitch.  Now, when he was taken off I was hoping and praying that it’s not a serious injury.  He has become indispensable, which is bonkers.  Get well soon, self-described best defender in the world.

J – 7.5 – Degsey has quietly become a nice partner with VVD. Hopefully its nothing serious. He’s really been playing great lately.

Gomez – 7.25

W – 7- Joe is a centre back who can play fullback.  The problem is that he’s now behind Matip and Lovren when all are fit.  The other problem is that Trent and Robbo can’t play 60 games, even if Stephanie says they can and should.  So Joe gets some time at right back, where he was pretty good this time around.  Then he moved inside where he’s more comfortable.

J -7.5 – Was fine at RB and better at CB after Degsey came off. JoGo at RB… not sold on that yet but understand wanting to give TAA a rest with fixtures coming fast and furious and nice to have him get some time with VVD as we might need him…

Milner – 7.25

W – 7 – Maybe he drifted just a bit 2nd half, but Jimmy Milner 007 was his disruptive and well positioned self.  Had at least a couple of nice tackles.  Good man.

J – 7.5 – All I want for Xmas is a Milly contract extension. I thought he was sound and there’s something nice having him partner up with Robbo along the left.

Henderson – 8

W – 8 – With teams playing so wide in trying to shut down that part of our attack, we’re having to go more through the middle.  When we get the ball deep our counter is becoming a bit route 1 and several players fancy themselves long ball specialists.  Lovren is surprisingly good at playing those passes and I have to say, so is future CB Jordan Henderson.

J – 8 – Woody gave him an 8? Hendo? Really? Ah there it is… “future CB” Woody’s playing the long game. Like Hendo’s pass to Ox for that first goal, that was a beauty. Gerrardesque.

Naby Keita – 8.75  Woody’s Man of the Match

W – 9 – Welcome to the Naby Keita era of Liverpool Football Club!!  It’s going to fun.  The one-two with Mo was great.  But the through ball for Mo’s goal was gorgeous.  For this to work he needs to start linking up with Bobby as well.  Sometimes they take up similar positions and roles, which is probably why it’s taking Jurgen so long to get Naby fully integrated.  But what a player!  How angry was I when I realized I’d forgotten to bring my Naby Keita scarf?!

J – 8.5 – Naby was great. Woody loves Naby. When Naby is on, he’s amazing. He was basically “on” all match.

Ox – 7.75

W – 8- He got the ball caught in his feet a few times amidst all that bus parked traffic.  He wasn’t that effective in the half-court offense (hey this is American Scouser after all).  I’m giving him an 8 anyway for the lovely finish on Hendo’s lovely long ball.

J – 7.5 – thought Ox was pretty solid throughout. Great finish on the pass from CB of the Future Hendo

Firmino – 6.75

W – 7 – He was quiet.  But there’s always magic in him and when he clicks with Naby it’s going to be a crazy fireworks show.

J – 6.5 – A bit of an off day but nothing to fret about yet. Should have one if not two goals himself.

Salah – 9 – Jason’s MOTM

W – 9 – The backheel was as effective as it was cheeky.  The finish for his goal was beautiful.  Liverpool is always a handful these days for any team to deal with.  When Mo is on this group is particularly tough.

J – 9 – what a guy. His assist to Naby was pure filth. It was kind of Naby to get Mo a goal later. Mo was really impressive, very Bobby Firmino and Mane wrapped up into Mo Salah… does that make any sense?


Trent – 7.25 

W – 7 – If he played 90 he’d have been in on some goals and gotten an 8.

J – 7.5 – He’s a good passer. He should start at RB.

Jones – 7

W – 7- When the team sheet came out you knew Klopp was going to try to get CuJo an appearance.  Things went well enough for that to happen and Jones looked like he belonged.  Nice.

J – 7 – Didn’t miss a beat when he came on. Going to need to know we have quality depth

Shaqiri – n/a

W – n/a – We love to see the fire hydrant/ microwave/ power cube on the pitch.  Maybe he’ll score Tuesday, what with him being Alpine Messi and LFC playing in Austria. 

J – n/a – I get the feeling he would be excellent on the rings and vault.

On to Salzburg.  May the hills be alive with the sound of the Bobby Firmino song.