Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fulfilling Thanksgiving and a chaos free black Friday. I’m not going to lie, this match left me with a very bitter taste afterwards. After watching it for a second time I felt a litter better, but the shellshock of a draw where Liverpool absolutely dominated sent me directly to last season where we dominated match after match and drawing match after match.

The first and biggest issue of this match was that Fabinho took a nasty knock to his knee and ankle. When I saw it live I knew it was bad. When knees and ankles contort like that it can be many months before a full recovery is made. I think, ultimately, we are lucky to have a 2 month prognosis at the moment. The next issue is the boys blew their chance to all take a rest against Salzburg. At the moment everyone in the starting 11 need a bit of a break. Now they find themselves stuck in a must not lose situation.

On the positive, Liverpool absolutely dominated the match. Napoli’s goal ended up being they’re only shot on goal. In fact, in the second half they didn’t even have a single shot! This was another story of missed chances. Kept the ball for 72% of the match and took 15 shots with 5 of them going on target. It was a great match in every aspect except the scoring, and possibly officiating.

Once again, they are taking it down to the last game of the group stages. They are obviously not doing any of us any favors as far as stress goes, but as always, I trust the mighty Reds to come through in the clutch and move forward into the round of 16. In Klopp we trust. YNWA.

-Chris Scott