Liverpool vs Chelsea Player Ratings by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

Woody – Phew!  Chelsea is good and getting better.  English Muffin Frank Lampard has the young lads flying.  The Reds handled them for about 55 minutes but were really hanging on at the end.  If they’d brought on the American instead of Billy Bats we’d have been screwed.  Hopefully they’ll trouble City in that fixture.


Jason – First half was definitely the better half for us. VAR also rated a 9 – wonderful work there. Last 25 minutes the game was definitely trending fast and heavily towards Chelski. They grew into the match after that Kante goal (would have been nice had anyone thought about maybe defending him – even briefly – it was a quality strike but a little Matador defense would have been appreciated)


In terms of ratings, pretty much everybody was an 8 or a 9 in the first half.  Then they were all a 6 or a 7 in the second.  These are averages of sorts.


Adrian – 8


.gets that equalizer the whole game is different.  Of course then we probably would have won 4-1.  It’s great when Adrian makes a play and Virgil shoves him in the head or something.


J – 8 – managed to almost kill a Chelsea defender and not draw a foul. That’s an 8 all day.



TAA – 8


W – 8 – What.  A.  Strike.  As TAA enthusiast Nate said, “They can’t call that an own goal.”  He was bound to have his hands full without much help over there, but did mostly well defensively.  Whatever.  Scouse Roberto Carlos the way he hammered that into the top corner.


J – 8 – Love how Mo has watched film of Bobby’s backheel assist to set up TAA for that absolute rocket. Quality goal


VVD – 8


W – 8 – Both center backs were 9 in the first half.  It’s not their fault we kept giving it away in the 2nd, but they did look a little bit helter and got split a few times including on the Bats chance.  I hate to see Virgil shaking out cobwebs after a header.  


J – Another baseline 8. Like everyone, was better in first half. Not totally anonymous in second but not standard VVD


Matip – 8.25


W – 8 – I’m a Joe Gomez man, but you just can’t get Matip out of the side.  He’s become, dare I say, Colossus Jr.


J – 8.5 – he’s my MOTM. Joel was steady through out and under constant threat from the Chelsea kids. Acquitted himself like he was VVD.


Robbo – 8.5  Woody’s Man of the Match 


W – 8.5 – The wee Scot spent most of his time playing great defense today and still managed to put one inch perfect onto Bobby’s well coiffed head.  What a response after a rare poor outing vs Napoli.  He must have eaten his stovies this week.


J – 8.5 – normally I’d be all over a Robbo MOTM and his last minute “full court” dribble to safety almost sealed it for me. A great play there to get the pressure off us and run out the clock.


Fabinho – 8


W – 8 – Bossed it first half big time.  When he plays like that look out.  Tackle, run with the ball, pick a key pass, repeat.  Dictated everything.  Then when we went passive he did too.  He let Kante go for the goal.  Then again, his fellow mid should have closed him down, so he shares the blame with…


W – 8- The Kante goal should have been better defended. Other than that, he was solid as per usual


Henderson – 7.25


W – 7 – What a diagonal ball to Mane first half.  That could have been brilliant.  Biggest dropoff of anyone 2nd half.  It probably didn’t help that he had to spend half his time talking to Michael Oliver about time wasting.  What a crock.  Wait until someone has the lead on us 2nd half.  They’ll all just lie down like in Bingo Long.  Maybe they’ll bring out a few picnic blankets like they’re gonna watch some fireworks later.


J – 7.5 – As Woody said the diagonal ball was almost champagne football. He was gassed in the second half.


Gini – 6.5


W – 6.5 – Maybe that’s harsh but he was the one guy who wasn’t even that good first half.  Rightfully subbed.


J – 6.5 – anonymous day from Captain Solid but Invisible


Salah – 7

W – 7- He ran a lot and got on the end of some stuff, but his touch was a bit off.  At the speed he plays it’s amazing he can control the ball and get shots off the way he does.  But if he’s off by just a fraction it shows.


J – 7- Not a great day for him. Just a little off in everything.


Mane – 7


W – 7 – Sadio was his usual threatening, menacing, diagonally running self for most of the first.  Then he wasn’t.  According to Jurgen it’s because he picked up “a proper knock and a dead leg.”  Fortunately he should not be needed vs MK Dons and he can lead the cheers as Naby dominates.


J – 7- Picked up a knock – the dreaded “dead leg” should have a full rest until the weekend


Bobby – 8


W – 8 – Nate says he blinded the keeper with his teeth.  But he also timed his jump perfectly, showed Gini-like hops, and headed it perfectly.  We gave it away too much in the 2nd for him to have the proper influence, but he was the best of the big 3.


J – 8 – Another solid match from Bobby. Chelsea apparently decided not to mark him at all for the header, bold strategy.




Milner – 7.125


W – 7 – 007 seemed like the perfect guy to come in and calm things down, maybe clatter somebody, and see it out.  That’s not really how it went.  Still, a 7 for trusty number 7.


J – 7.25 – I like the 007 moniker. Anyway, Milly came in, fresh legs, chased and bossed guys. Carded. Solid.


Gomez and Lallana – N/A

MK Dons await.


18 points from 6 games.  Word.