Red Trenches Match Day 4

Match Preview GW 4

      If that was supposed to be the league’s 3rd best team, it will be a two horse race again this year. Our man Cozzy said that in a lost podcast episode but it needed to be reiterated. Liverpool were light years ahead of Arsenal in last week’s 3-1 victory. I’d venture as far to say that if we had played them at home in week 6 or 7 it could well have been a 5 goal margin.  We were electric and it looked virtually effortless.  It was partially due to Arsenal’s content with letting us control the ball but the boys put on a show for us. Red fans everywhere will be hoping for more of the same against Burnley.  

     The main social media buzz surrounds the bizarrely ludicrous statements from Sokratis before the game.  Painfully retweeted and turned into memes his words will haunt him forever.  Ironically we probably feel the same way about Arsenal.  Sitting 6th in the table Sean Dyche’s men have claimed 4 points from their first 3 games, with Ashley Barnes the main in top form. They may be harder to defend than that crap London team gave us. 

    Unfortunately, they were knocked out of the League Cup by Netflix sob story Sunderland Wednesday.  But, in their first four games they have yet to fail to score in a game. With Liverpool’s defense yet to keep a clean sheet, it could create some nervy moments during the match. 

For a full match preview see Hooch’s article here.    

Word on the Street

Across the Fence

The Wilson Debate

     Have we missed out on Harry Wilson this season?  That is a question many fans are debating across the social platforms following his second league goal this weekend.  Once again, the kid scored from outside the 18 yard box, this time though it was against City.  Although, the goal didn’t change the outcome of the game, it provided an indication that Wilson is ready for the premier league.  

     Red fans who think we’ve made a huge mistake cite the fact that we currently don’t have a midfielder who is comfortable hitting the long range effort.  Having Wilson on the bench would give us an extra

weapon in our already stocked artillery cabinet. These fans also bring up the fact that a few of the youngsters have been unsatisfied with development and pushed for moves away from Anfield.  Fears are that sending him away again, while he continues to produce, will lead him down the same path.  

     Both sides agree that Wilson is one we’d love to see regularly play for us.  It is when he plays that they can’t agree on.  Some have said keeping him this year would have been a waste of his development.  Believing he would struggle to find minutes he needs they support the move.  Another great point from this camp is that he may take some vital points away from rivals with his knack for scoring.  Either way you look at it, it is ultimately up to Liverpool’s youth development system, Klopp, and Wilson himself to keep him on board this project. 

To Strive or Dive

     The next topic causing mixed feelings is the League Cup.  Liverpool were drawn against MK Dons in the third round of the tournament on Thursday.  With the match to be played in September we have some time to debate.  Over the past few years Liverpool have taken little interest in going for the domestic cups.  We have fielded young and inexperienced teams and gotten knocked out in the first or second game regularly.  In past seasons our squad depth hasn’t been great and the focus was on Champions League spots, which made sense. However, with the clubs current state, Liverpool can finally poise themselves for a cup run this year.  Is it a good idea?

     Had we lifted the Premier League trophy last season, I think this issue would be a unanimous yes.  As we are still chasing the allusive, yet so close, silverware it has caused a divide.  Those for it say we’ve finally got the depth and players who rightfully deserve it, itching to get minutes.  While we can afford to field our second squad for this one, eventually we will have to utilize the big guns.  If we hope to make a deep run into the Champions League again, and try to pip City for the title, it could prove a costly gamble. 

     As much as we love to pretend the boys can play 100 games a year no issues, the wear and tear leads to fatigue and injuries.  Coming second with only one loss proves that one lengthy injury to a key man and it could be over before it begins.  On the other hand, it would be fantastic to win some silverware, if only to keep City from turning these into an annual event. 

Concur and Conquer 

UCL Drawing

     What did we watch?  It was such a bizarre event on Thursday, from the play by play guy, to Cantona’s suicide note speech. I wasn’t sure if I was entertained or bewildered.   Despite the various oddities, Liverpool fans seemed to agree on them all.  To start with, Virgil Van Dijk deserved his accolades, along with Alisson Becker, but VVD was probably a better choice for Forward of the Year than Messi.  What the hell was UEFA watching to award that to him?  Is it customary for them to give Messi or Ronaldo stage presence?  Because neither deserved to go home with anything.  I’d honestly have voted for Lucas Mora over Messi for his Ajax and City heroics. “But they’re not corrupt anymore!” Surrrrrre. 

     The groups seemed to please and amuse the majority of supporters as well.  While there were easier teams than Napoli in pot 2, Genk and Salzburg make it a winnable group.  The travel suits us too, no one is more than 3 and a half hours away by plane, and the cities are nice enough for tourist accommodations.  Fans were quite pleased to say the least.  The other thing anyone seemed bitter about was how easy Manchester City’s group is. 

     I believe we need to stop looking at City for everything though.  We shouldn’t be looking over at them and whining or laughing at everything going on.  It displays a weak fear, where we can’t just focus on our business we always have to be looking over our shoulders.  F*** City should be our new slogan as far as I’m concerned.  We are Liverpool after all, the best team in the world. 

When Life Exceeds Sport  

     It’s not very often you’ll hear a Liverpool supporter say that sometimes sport needs to be put aside for life.  You can thank or blame Shankly for that one.  I, as many of you reading, live and die by results and happenings of the club.  My phone has numerous alerts for articles, Facebook groups, and Twitter feeds.  I write for this blog and spend a lot of my free time thinking, talking, and obsessing over the Reds.  But when the footballing world heard the new that former Barcelona manager, Luis Enrique’s 9 year old daughter, lost her battle with cancer, it stood still. 

     Suddenly, on this topic, it didn’t matter your nationality, your team colours, or what your take on the Barcelona squad are.  Xana lost her 5 month battle with bone cancer on Thursday while we were fixated on the UCL Draw.  In a twitter post Enrique stated “We will remember you every day of our lives.” He left the Barcelona team to coach the Spanish national team before the 2018 World Cup.  In June of this year he resigned from the team’s coaching position to take care of his daughter and family.  It is extremely heartbreaking when someone connected with our world is lost or loses someone close to them, especially a child.  

      The bright spot lies in the response from clubs and fans across the world who took to Twitter to offer condolences.  It showed me that as different as our views and passions are, we can come together for the right reasons.  One big happy family… except United. 

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