Liverpool vs Arsenal Player Ratings by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

So that went well.  It took a day – maybe 2 – to recover, but what a game for the Reds.  Arsenal might be really good.  They might even celebrate St. Totteringham’s Day.  They were no match for this Liverpool squad. 

Speaking of Derbys, we were having a bit of a laugh with Everton’s performance from Friday.  “Happy Labor Day, Everton!”  Well, Happy Summer Bank Holiday.

The only bad thing we can say is that we probably should’ve signed Pepe.  He has a lot of game and a great name.  On to the ratings.

Adrian – 7

Woody – 6.5 – Spanish Neuer does fancy himself to be a midfielder.  As long as we’re winning it’s pretty entertaining, but when you actually interfere with Virgil Van Dijk playing the ball you’ve gone full Moreno.  Stay near goal, dude.

Jason – 7.5 – At AJ Hudson’s we were talking about how it was noticeable that there were a distinct lack of back passes to Adrian. He was solidly uncontroversial.

Trent – 7.25

Woody – 7 – He might get 20 assists this season.  You are going to get a little out of position now and then to create as much as he does from fullback.  That said, it didn’t happen too often against probably the 3rd best strike force in the PL.

Jason – 7.5 – Great ball into Joel Pillow Feet. Solid in defense.

Matip – 8.5

W – 8 – Bambi on ice skates, as Nate calls him, is turning into Wolverine.  Great defense, great header, almost certainly world class at Scrabble.

J – 9 – I thought Joel was excellent. Great to see him get a header while VVD was being mugged right behind him. That’s either great concentration or a lack of awareness or yes.

VVD – 9

W – 9 – Best Van Dijk since Dick.  This would normally have been a MoM performance, but Virg has Mo Salah on his team.

J – 9 – Some Arsenal fans claim that he was finally dribbled past by someone. Who cares. The guy simply shuts people down – and that’s simply with a glare (like the kind he gave Adrian…)

Robbo – 7

W – 7 – It’s going to happen against Burnley next week: Robbo wonderstrike.

J – 7 – love Robbo – was lobbing balls in during the first half like he was playing Doom with unlimited grenades (is that game still a thing? I need to fire up the Atari 2600 this week)

Fabinho – 7.5

W – 7 – He’s gotta be the first mid on the sheet vs the rest of the top 6, at least until Naby is finally fit enough to dominate the league.  Not his absolute best but still the man

J – 8- thought he was great throughout the course of the match.  Solid.

Hendo – 7.5

W – 7 – Henderson used to be so steady, like a poor man’s James Milner.  Now that he has some attacking freedom he’s gone a bit mad.  Great through balls but often sloppy defense.  Strange.

J – 8 – Yes I am a fan of Hendo’s but I thought he was simply great for 80mins. The last ten he looked like he needed some of Milly’s Ribena potion.

Wijnaldum – 7.25

W – 7 – AJ Hudson’s, where we watch, breaks into the Gini song sometimes even when he messes up.  As well they should; it’s that good a song.

J – 7.5 – grew into the match. Made some great defensive plays. As Woody says, his song is awesome

Firmino – 8.5

W – 8 – At one point Bobby tracked back to break up a dangerous attack and I said, “Thank God for Bobby Firmino.”  Jason responded that he thanks Him every day.

J – 9 – See above. True.

Mane – 7.75

W – 7.5 – He was still an absolute danger man out there, but not quite as truly menacing as he had been of late.

J – 8 – Set the bar really high and was just a hair off that standard today.

Salah – 9 Man of the Match

W – 9 – What would the Old Trafford prawn sandwich brigade give to have Milner and Salah as their penalty takers?  Pure composure from the former and shock n awe from Mo.  What style.  Oh and he also finished a 1 on 4 break by slotting neatly into the corner at a full sprint.

J – 9 – I mean he’s a three season wonder. How dreadfully boring he has become….


Milly, Ox, Lallana – N/A

W and J – Klopp is just moving minutes around.  The game did not need to be impacted, merely seen out.  These guys helped with that, even if unspectacularly.

9 from 3.  The Cuppity Cup Cup draw on Wednesday.  Champions draw Thursday.  Joe Gomez revenge game Saturday.  Big week.