Show Him The Money?

This week it was announced that the Premier League clubs have been asked to put in £250,000 ($322,660) to a retirement fund for Richard Scudamore. I don’t like to comment on things that don’t happen on the football pitch, but this is something that has really annoyed me. Now there is something that Liverpool could say which is what all fans are thinking. Fuck the Premier League and fuck Richard Scudamore.

I understand this is a site is primarily based in the US and it will be people from the states who read it, so let me give you a big of an insight. Liverpool is a poor city. Liverpool has had to rebuild from a time when a Thatcher lead government had us on our knees. If anyone has ever been lucky to go to Anfield will know that it’s location is in a very poor part of the city. I was brought up no less than 2-3 miles away, I know about the struggle in the area. Liverpool is a town based on hard work, never say die attitude but most of all, it’s helping it’s fellow man when their down. If you have your last $1 in your pocket, and the guy next door needed it more, there will be no question about giving it him. That’s how life is. We help when others are in need. It’s how it is. Everyone in the area around Anfield are in the same boat. There is no feeling off I’ll to a fellow person, we all muck in to help out. It’s the spirit in which our city is based on. When I see things like this, it really does diminish my love for the sport and for my football club.

£250,000 is a lot of money in anyone’s case. This is a man in Scudamore who earns £2.5 million a year and the premier league has the nerve to go out and ask for a £5 million retirement fee? Are you fucking serious? When food banks are used readily in my city, when homelessness is rife, you come to our football club and ask for that? Liverpool football club needs to tread very carefully in this situation. It had not been decided if Liverpool will donate, but let’s get one thing clear, if Liverpool donate, they have completely lost touch with the city they are from and what we are built on. Can Liverpool donate to food banks in the area? Can we not help Sean Cox with a £250,000 donation? Grassroots football in the area is dying and that money could basically bankroll it. It makes me sick that my football club are even considering it. They should tell them to fuck off and never ask again.

It’s the hypocrisy of the highest order. When our fans need something, whether that’s food banks, knocking £10 of a ticket, free bevy in the match, my football club goes missing. Acting like where Oliver Twist asking for some more.

Now Liverpool and Peter Moore could say No, which is the right thing to do and become heroes in the city. Say no thanks but were donating half to Alder Hey which is a children’s hospital in the area and the other half is going to Sean Cox. On many occasions, fans slate this club. With things like the lack of investment and owners are only in if for the money, but they have a chance to get it right and remember what this city is built on. Know your fan base (or customers like you call us) and get this right. We gave you a pass on the £77 ticket walk out. If the club donates, this will not be forgotten quickly