MC: Friday, November 2nd

Heading into the weekend when we find out the true meaning of Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” (set your clocks back and cherish that extra hour), LFC are preparing for a must-win game against Arsenal. Here’s the latest in player interviews, videos, and Mig’s charming sense of humor.

Somehow, none of these answers surprise me (VVD and Joe Gomez in a Q & A)

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Watch the trailer for the upcoming documentary on Steven Gerrard Make Us Dream. 

In LFC’s latest Mohamed Salah Exclusive: My Liverpool FC firsts…

Here is an excerpt when he talks about hearing the fans sing his name, and his song (based on this song by James)

The fans have many songs for me, not just one! The one I like the most is the ‘Egyptian King’ one, though. After 10 or 15 games, I first heard it… I felt amazing. Honestly, the fans singing my name filled me with emotion and when I heard it during the game, it filled me with adrenaline… wow. I had only been here two or three months, yet they already had a special song for me. It’s still the same for me even now when I hear it. I will always remember the day the crowd sang my name when I received the Golden Boot after the Brighton game last season. It was very, very special… but I think I felt more support for my daughter than me when she ran onto the pitch! In fact, it is the only time the fans have ever booed me when I took the ball off her! When my daughter went onto the pitch and I could feel how much love the fans were showing her, it was such a special moment for me and my family. It was a great day, I was very happy to feel the love after an unbelievable season – and to win the Golden Boot ahead of great players made me very happy.

Read the full interview here

Alisson on the upcoming fixture against Arsenal: 

It’ll definitely be an intense game. I also believe it’ll be a game of very high technical quality, two teams playing really well…Arsenal didn’t start well but they have really found themselves now and we can only get better in this competition…We need to aim to get better with every game. We know we can achieve great things this season…they’ll find our team very hard work on Saturday. Likewise, we’ll have our work cut out on Saturday as well…There’ll be a lot of work for both defences in this match.

From LFC: Naby Keita on fitting into the midfield, training, and Klopp 

On the midfield competition:

I’m learning from their experience. I’m training with them and trying to get better; I watch them and the coach of course says, ‘You need to do this, you need to do this.’ That makes me feel like I want to do better, I want to progress. I’m so lucky and happy to train with them…The objective is collective, we’re a team. The team’s objective is my objective. I play for the team. Whatever we want to achieve, I’ll achieve with them.

On Mo Salah:

He trains very, very hard…Every time I go to the gym, he is there. What is happening at the moment is not just luck, it’s all earned. It’s because he has been training so hard.

On Klopp:

He is open, you can talk to him and he’s not there for just one player, he’s there for all of us. He is not focusing on one or another player; he is focusing on all of us. He cares and he looks after all of us. It’s a real pleasure to play for him.


Watch the video at the top and vote for goal of the month!  Some impressive ones from the youth squads.


After promising the match all funds raised during the match versus Cardiff City for the Sean Cox Fund, Liverpool FC announces a total of £59,104 in donations. Volunteers gathered £28,725.17 on the day and the LFC Foundation has matched it. Sean Cox is an Irish Red who was attacked outside Anfield before the first leg Champions League semi-final match against AS Roma on April 24, 2018. The attack resulted in a critical brain trauma and he was placed into an induced coma. He remains in critical condition. All Reds are encouraged to give what they can on the Go Fund Me page

 Training before the weekend