Reds Reportedly Scouted Kerem Demirbay of Hoffenheim

The Demirbay rumors are back again for the Reds. Kerem’s name was first thrown around earlier this year but nothing happened over the summer even though several teams were mentioned including Liverpool and Everton.

Even though the news is coming through Turkish-Football –  not the most reliable in most transfer rumors – there are several other factors which make this transfer a possibility. 

For starters, Demirbay is represented by Arena11, a group also handling Liverpool forward Sadio Mane and former RB Leipzig midfielder Naby Keita. His price tag with a release clause of 28 million also seems within Liverpool’s range knowing Klopp loves getting good value in that price range for players who can make a huge impact down the road. Kerem Demirbay is only 25 and has been one of the top players for Hoffenheim, giving Liverpool a hard time in midfield in their Champions League qualifier against the Reds in the past.

He is a hard-working midfielder with a creative side to him through dribbling and a strong outside shot. He does over dribble at times which slows down the offense but his role in Hoffenheim would be different than at Liverpool with less pressure to be the creator at all times. He is only 25 and already has a plenty of top-level experience in the Bundesliga as well as the Champions League. He wins a lot of balls in midfield and does not shy away from the physical game, a prerequisite for any player who is coming to the Premier League.

Does Liverpool need Kerem Demirbay or more importantly, will he be a good fit for the Reds?

My answer to both would be a resounding yes. Kerem is no Fekir and might not be a penciled in starter when he joins Liverpool but will be a very important squad player in midfield. I know it looks like Milner will play until he is 64 but the Reds have to have a backup plan for replacing Milner and the not so reliable Llana. The latter is 30 years old, already showing signs of slowing down due to either age or multiple injuries. Demirbay’s price tag also makes him an attractive prospect. Klopp knows players in the Bundesliga and I fully trust in his talent evaluation when it comes to anyone from that league. Not to mention, the last guy we got from Hoffenheim did not turn out so bad, did he?

I know it is only a rumor and it is one of many that will come up as we approach January even though Demirbay link is to be rumored to materialize in the summer of 2019. This is definitely one that has me excited though as I feel like he will be a good fit.