World Cup Group D Preview and Predictions

Group D – Argentina, Croatia, Nigeria, Iceland

Messi is already one of the greatest players of all time. One thing that is missing from his resume is the success at national team level since his world championship at the U20 youth level. It has been full of drama with him frustrated with the lack of success which is only measured by winning the World Cup. Ronaldo’s success at the Euro’s with his national team can only help to rub salt to the wound that is lack of results that Messi has been able to bring to his national team. This is possibly Messi’s last World Cup and final chance to achieve the ultimate goal. Will this be the year?

Group of death to many, Group B will definitely be one of the toughest groups as the other three teams in the group are capable of anything from winning big to losing big within a matter of days. Croatia boasts a ton of talent with experience in top teams in Europe while Nigeria also has an impressive roster that has a ton of speed and flair. Sweethearts of the Euros, Iceland will look to repeat their success and show that their recent surge is not a fluke.

Looking forward to watching this group closely and reporting on the progress and possibly regretting every prediction I am making for it. This is definitely a tough group to call and I think will feature some of the best games in the group stages

Score predictions sure to go wrong:

Argentina 3-0 Iceland
Croatia 3-2 Nigeria
Argentina 2-1 Croatia
Iceland 1-2 Nigeria
Argentina 3-1 Nigeria
Iceland 0-2 Croatia

Liverpool players to watch: Lovren (Croatia) Lovren will be a crucial part of the defense that will face tough attacking forces from Argentina and Nigeria. Will be interesting to see how he performs without VVD by his side.

Bold Prediction: Iceland finishes the group without a point. Nigeria surprises with a win over Iceland but cannot defend against Argentina, opening the door for Croatia to advance to next stage.