Emre Reportedly Asking for £200k per week to stay… really?

I hope you are not sick of the Emre Can transfer talk yet since it is just starting! I know it feels like we have been talking about it forever but the talk will get only more and more prominent with the World Cup approaching and with each article linking Liverpool to another midfielder.

Emre is a solid midfielder. Being in the German national team is not easy especially in midfield but is he really THAT good? 

He definitely has a lot going for him. He has a lot of top tier soccer experience for a young 24 year old has great potential to improve further to become a great midfielder like Kroos, a player whose impact can be missed by the casual fan, but someone who impacts the game by controlling the most important part of the field. His strength and calm approach along with a great work rate are definitely huge pluses. He is dangerous from outside the box, can be an asset in set pieces with his heading ability and has great vision with his passing.

He can be slow on the ball at times and be sloppy at times but having seen his improvement in 2 seasons makes you wonder how good he will be in a few years down the road.

Is he worth that much? Since it is The Mirror reporting this, is that what he really is asking for? 

I doubt Emre thinks he is worth as much as Toni Kroos who reportedly makes that much a week at the moment with his pedigree and experience. If I am Emre’s agent, the higher point you start at, the higher you will end up getting paid. 

Juventus and Bayern have the money but it is not only about having the funds. You also have to consider the rest of the team and how the wage demands will compare to the rest of the roster when Can is getting paid that much if he is signed. Of course, getting him as a free transfer will relieve the burden on the wallet of any suitor as what they would normally pay Liverpool can be directed towards Emre’s salary.

Liverpool should do everything possible to keep Emre Can and hopefully negotiate a deal that makes sense. Personally I think his demands(even if not at 200,000) will be too high for Liverpool’s roster balance at the moment and Liverpool will need to look elsewhere for a replacement.