We’re getting close to that time that will no doubt give me a stroke which is that time when transfer rumors start flying around like Hollywood Gossip. It’s  not that I hate transfer season it is fun, it’s just I can’t stand the rumors and how many people believe everything they read when less than 5% of the stuff you read actually happens, but I would be remiss if I at least didn’t mention this rumor because it has been out there for a while. Media reports from all over the UK over the last couple days have said that Liverpool is prepared to pay 40 million pounds to Stoke for goalkeeper Jack Butland. I don’t have anything against Butland. I actually think he’s a good goalie, but at the end of the day I think Liverpool has to act big and they are bigger than Butland at this stage, especially for that type of money. I know 40 million isn’t what 40 million used to be or hell was last year before Neymar changed the market forever, but 40 million is still a big chunk of change for a guy of Butland’s ability.

Now I’m not opposed at going for a goalie and I think we will especially if Mignolet leaves, but then it comes down do we go for a backup type or do we go for a starter. While he’s improved immensely since being given the starters job I am still not 100% sold on Loris Karius. I hope I’m wrong there and he ultimately becomes that elite level goalie, but I’m not there yet. Not going spending a ton on a goalie would be nice since we need to go get that top level holding midfielder, another center back to play with VVD,  maybe a #10 type, and then some depth. Those three things are the things that are holding us back from being title contenders at this point. But so is goalie, so if we’re going to go for a goalie why not go all in and give Roma what they want for Allison. Don’t half ass this with Butland if we really think that Karius isn’t the answer then go for it show that ambition that it takes to win the title, just like Pep did with Man City when they went and got Ederson. I don’t think people realize how much his distribution has meant to them and how much better they are with him.  So, if we’re going for goalie this summer go get the best not an above average choice.

Now this may be a waste of time since James Pearce from the Echo did what James Pearce does best and threw cold water on this today saying that it doesn’t look like Liverpool is in the market for a #1, but it’s March, so a lot could change between now and July.